McDonald’s Easter Hours: Is it Open Today?

McDonald's Easter hours
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

For all those who want to know McDonald’s Easter hours, we have bad news. Most McDonald’s restaurants may not be open for business on Easter Sunday. One of the world’s most-loved fast food chains might take a holiday today.

Unlike McDonald’s, most U.S. fast food chains will be serving customers during normal hours of operation on Easter Sunday 2017 (April 16, 2017). Most McDonald’s locations will remain closed for Easter, but some might be operating on a holiday schedule. They will open a little later than usual on Easter and will serve patrons until midnight only.

Easter is a joyous time for Christians. It celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ with good food and wine. In keeping with the Easter festivities, some McDonald’s locations might open with a new spring menu!


McDonald’s New Spring Treats

McDonald’s in Houston, Texas is reportedly introducing ice-cold Minute Maid slushies. These new “ice-inspired drinks” will come in three flavors—fruit punch, cherry limeade, and orangeade slushies. All of them contain Minute Maid juice. These new McDonald’s spring drinks are available in Houston, Texas from April 10, 2017.

So far, there is only news about the cool, refreshing drinks hitting the all the McDonald’s locations in Houston Texas. Are there any new food treats? Will these new slushies be available in other parts of the country? Well, the fast food chain has not revealed anything just yet.

With frequent new additions to their drinks and snacks, most people perhaps go to McDonald’s quite often. Each year, McDonald’s surprises its customers with a new food item or drink. For example, last year, they brought frozen Coke at select stores, along with frozen lemonade. We still cherish the Cherry Berry Chiller and the Frozen Strawberry Lemonade from a few summers ago. McDonald’s menu is a favorite for most of us.

Also last year, McDonald’s Easter special included a special McFlurry in its dessert menu. They launched the Cadbury Crème Egg McFlurry. However, the English McDonald’s have been serving them for years!


Many fast food chains will remain closed on Easter, including McDonald’s. But this might not be true for all the McDonald’s outlets. So, if you are looking forward to McDonald’s breakfast on Easter Sunday, it is best to call up your nearest McDonald’s restaurant to confirm their availability.


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