Megyn Kelly: Height, Age, Weight, Body Statistics

Megyn Kelly
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Megyn Kelly, aged 48 years old. The journalist weighs 59 kg (130 lbs) and has a height of 5’6” (168 cm). Her fiber diet has helped her maintain a slim figure of 34-25-34.

Megyn Kelly looks in great shape as of 2017 due to The F-Factor Diet. Let’s see Megyn Kelly’s weight, diet, age, height & body measurements.

Megyn Kelly: Weight, Age, Height, Body Measurements

Name: Megyn Kelly (Megyn Marie Kelly)

Age: 48 years, November 18, 1970


Mother: Linda Kelly

Father: Edward Kelly

Build: Slim

Weight: 59 kilograms (130 lbs)

Height: 5’6” (168 cm)

Boyfriend/Spouse: Douglas Brunt (Spouse)

Measurements: 35-25-36 inches (89-63.5-91.5 cm)

Diet: F factor Diet

Know About Megyn Kelly’s Diet Which Helps Her Stay In Shape:

“I would recommend The F-Factor Diet because it is a great book and a great way of eating,” Megan Kelly once told Michael Moore on her show, The Kelly File.

The F stands for fiber. “The more fiber you’re eating, the more calories you’re burning while at rest,” says Zuckerbrot. The dietitian insists on replacing the long hours spent in the gym with a high-fiber diet to get rid of fats.

The F-Factor Diet has helped thousands achieve their goals of shedding pounds and staying in shape. Zuckerbrot instructs her clients to eat the right carbohydrates—fruits, vegetables, and whole grains—to speed up their metabolism.

She recommends adding high fiber foods and protein to each meal and not cutting out alcohol, sugar, and carbs.

Kelly says she lost eight to 10 pounds in the first month-by sticking to a high-fiber, lean-protein diet, which kept her full till the next meal.

She avoids diet pills and frozen meals and instead opts for whole, natural foods that are rich in fiber, nutrient dense, slow down digestion, and boost metabolism, making the body burn calories.

Even while dining out, Kelly chooses wisely at her favorite restaurants, controls herself around temptations, and enjoys wine or other sugar-free beverages.

The F-Factor Diet has helped her achieve numerous health benefits including lower cholesterol levels, stabilized blood-sugar levels, improved sleeping habits, and sustained energy.

A diet with the right carbohydrates made her skin and hair glow while she was busy shedding pounds.

Rather than emphasizing restrictive dieting and exercise, The F-Factor Diet focuses on what to buy and eat whether you are traveling, dining out, or grocery shopping.

Zuckerbrot believes exercise can increase your appetite and make you eat more, so there’s no guarantee that hitting the gym alone will make the pounds melt off.

Megyn Kelly shines with a high-fiber diet and she recommends the same approach to eating for a healthy lifestyle.

Megyn Kelly: Weight, Height, Age, Body Measurements – Table

Megyn Kelly Weight 59 kgs (130 lbs)
Megyn Kelly Height 5’6” (168 cm)
Megyn Kelly Age 48 Years
Megyn Kelly Body Measurements 35-25-36 inches (89-63.5-91.5 cm)