Michelle Lukman Wiki: 10 Interesting Facts About the MasterChef Australia Season 9 Contestant

Michelle Lukman
Credit: Twitter/michelle_lukman

Michelle Lukman is the first MasterChef Australia season 9 contestant to win the apron. Lukman awed the judges with her mysterious “Golden Ball,” which was the most audacious dish ever. Her Golden Ball dessert catapulted her directly as one of the top 24 contestants. The ball looked simple on the outside but had different flavors and textures enclosed within.

Michelle Lukman’s Golden Ball

Michelle Lukman says she loves cooking desserts because she can be more creative. The dessert was a milk chocolate ball covered with golden dust. Inside, it contained a decadent cream cheese and mascarpone filling with popping candies, fresh raspberries, biscuit pieces, mint, and caramelized white chocolate.

To make the Golden Ball, she prepared the apple-raspberry-mint jelly. Then, she made the caramelized white chocolate crumble from white chocolate and salt. Lukman then prepared the two-cheese mousse and raspberry coulis.

Lukman used champagne gold-colored luster dust and milk chocolate melts for the dessert’s exterior. She garnished the ball with dried pink rose petals, fresh raspberries, and fresh mint leaves.

The judges were surprised as they cracked it open and discovered the hidden creamy mixture. The fact that a 19-year old made such an amazing dessert surprised the judges altogether.

Michelle Lukman: 10 Interesting Facts

  1. Michelle Lukman is a nutrition and food technology student at RMIT.
  2. Lukman developed an interest in cooking when she was around 12 years-old, at the time when her aunt stayed with her family.
  3. Nobody taught her how to cook, and she learned different cooking techniques like tempering white chocolate without using the thermometer through online videos.
  4. She was born in Indonesia.
  5. Lukman relocated to Melbourne with her parents and sister when she was 11 years-old.
  6. Lukman loved to watch her mother and grandmother cook Indonesian dishes as she was growing up.
  7. She loves making desserts.
  8. Lukman wants to open a dessert bar and café.
  9. The MasterChef kitchen was the first place where Lukman presented the Golden Ball but had made variations of it before.
  10. Michelle Lukman was the first contestant to cook in the auditions.

Some recipes made by the other top 24 MasterChef Australia 2017 contestants include gnocchi, The Tea Ceremony, salmon confit, and pork belly with crackling caramel vinegar sauce.

Despite so much competition, Michelle Lukman’s Golden Ball might have surely got her a huge fan following. Tune into Channel Ten to see what other delicious recipes the teenager has in store for us.



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