Mila Kunis Has Become Diet Conscious Post Second Baby with Ashton Kutcher

Mila Kunis
Photo credit: Ethan Miller / Staff /Getty

Mila Kunis was seen shopping for groceries in Malibu on Saturday. She was accompanied by her husband, Ashton Kutcher, two year-old daughter, Wyatt, and one-month-old son, Dimitri. Kutcher looked after the newborn and carried him in his car seat into their waiting ride, as he waited for his wife to pick up healthy foods from the store.

Kunis looked stunning in torn jeans, a black tee and a bulky grey cardigan as she held the food. She carried healthy food like grapes and whole wheat bread.

Mila Kunis’ Previous Diet Plan

Mila Kunis is a big foodie and she confessed to indulging in junk and processed foods. She ate healthy only when she would prepare for a movie. For the Oscar-nominated movie, Black Swan, Kunis made eating healthy a routine and consumed a restrained number of calories. Within a span of eight weeks she shed 20 pounds due healthy eating alone!

As soon as she was done with filming, she binged on junk and processed foods and gained 25 pounds. Kunis said, “I never watched what I ate [before]. It was one of those things, for the first time in my life, I got a food delivery service.” She continued, “And I’ll tell you this – I’m not promoting this at all – but I used to be a smoker, and so I smoked a lot of cigarettes and I ate a limited amount of calories.”

Mila Kunis’ Healthy Diet Plan

Post-pregnancy, Kunis is mindful about the foods she consumes and has once again adhered to eating healthy. She has a clean and balanced diet comprising of complex carbs, proteins, and essential fatty acids. She swapped high-carb foods with low-carb foods. She chalked out corn flakes, biscuits, sugary cereal, and milk chocolate and instead opts for muesli, oatmeal porridge, nuts, and dark chocolate.

Although her husband stocked upon pickles and ice cream for her pregnancy cravings, post-pregnancy he ensures she sticks to a nutrient-dense and clean diet. She consumes wholesome and nutrient dense foods post-pregnancy and it is similar to her pregnancy diet. Mila Kunis’ diet also includes fruits, veggies, whole grains, and nuts. She also drinks plenty of water to help keep her hydrated and to prevent herself from snacking on junk. She knows that by eating healthy, she can easily shed off the post-pregnancy weight.

Kunis loves working out to such an extent that she worked out during her pregnancy as well. She did light exercises like skipping, yoga, Pilates, and yoga to stay fit. She says yoga is the perfect workout for pregnancy because it helps overcome common pregnancy problems like anxiety and mood swings.

Even Ashton Kutcher ensured that his pregnant wife didn’t skip workouts and kept her motivated. Post-pregnancy, Mila Kunis is keen about working out, and it will surely help her attain her pre-pregnancy body soon.


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