Model Ashley Graham, Justin Ervin’s Wife, Flaunts Incredible Bikini Body in Mexico, Diet & Workout Secrets Revealed

Ashley Graham
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If you’re in the mood to check out a bikini body, it might be worth hitting up model Ashley Graham on Instagram—I’m sure her husband Justin Ervin appreciates it—or not! It looks like the acclaimed plus-size bombshell model took a trip down to Breathless Riveria Cancun resort in Mexico to have a little fun in the sun.

Justin Ervin Be Like, “Eat Your Hearts Out”

Ashley Graham was looking great on vacation in Mexico. and I might just come out and say it’s possible I have a bit of a crush on her now. And you might, too. Let’s face it: she’s pretty inspiring.

She spends her time challenging conventional images of beauty, empowering young women in being confident with their bodies, and not giving a damn what negative things people say about her. On top of that, she confidently flaunts her physique and keeps up an active lifestyle full of work, fun and fitness.

Is There An Ashley Graham Diet Secret You Can Follow?

As far as I can tell, Graham doesn’t have some kind of secret diet that’s responsible for her body and lifestyle. But what I can tell you is that she reportedly eats a balanced diet full of healthy foods and saves room for the occasional treat like mac and cheese.

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The most important thing a woman can wear is her confidence. ?

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For most of the day, it seems like Graham tries to fit in green veggies, whole grains like brown rice and quinoa, protein like fish (also packed with healthy omega-3 fats), and chicken, as well as complex carbohydrates like sweet potato.

She uses a mix of juices and shakes with whole meals, but the majority of calories she uses to fuel her body are from whole foods—which provide metabolic benefits shakes and juices just can’t compete with. Foods consumed in whole form are rich in fiber, keep you feeling full and make sure you’ve got plenty of energy. And because Ashley Graham has a busy, active life— and enjoys a good workout—having plenty of energy is a top priority.

Ashley Graham Keeps Her Fitness Up With A Variety of Workouts

Although she’s said her favorite type of workout is kickboxing—which is a high intensity full body workout beneficial for fat loss, cardiovascular health and muscle building—she seems to do it all. Boxfit, gym circuit training, springs and kettle bell workouts have all been part of Graham’s workout arsenal, which help keep her healthy.

You might be surprised to see that Graham keeps a pretty healthy diet and regular workout style but doesn’t appear super skinny or overly muscular. That’s because—are you ready for it—she is a real person who isn’t obsessed with every piece of food going into her mouth. She makes healthy choices when she can, but she’s not bound by it; basically, she sees the value in balance and it’s paying off for her big time.

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