Model Irina Shayk Flaunts Curves on Instagram—Bradley Cooper’s Partner Shares Bikini Body Secrets

Irina Shayk
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Model and girlfriend of Bradley Cooper, Irina Shayk, recently showed off her bikini body in an Instagram post.

The model was having breakfast with Mert Alas—whom she calls her “Turkish Delight”—who is a friend of Shayk’s. Shayk seemed to match her morning breakfast that day by wearing a yellow bikini that matched her scrambled eggs.

The Russian model seems to enjoy showing off her body on social media as another image she posted has her flaunting her backside. She appropriately captioned it “#angles.”

There’s no doubt that Shayk has a stellar body—that may be what lured Cooper in. She often reveals it, but it takes a lot of work to maintain her figure. The model comprises her workouts with cardio, Pilates, and healthy eating.

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Irina Shayk Workout

As a model, Shayk is often jumping from hotel room to hotel room, but that doesn’t mean that she puts her workout on hold. In fact she has managed to very easily work up a sweat while in her hotel room. Her trainer, Justin Gelband, put together easy exercises that Shayk can complete in her hotel room and the only equipment she needs is a towel.

In some of the videos of Shayk performing these exercises she is laying on her back on the bed and either extending her leg upward or out to the side. Other moves have her performing lunges off the side of the bed or balancing her leg while holding a pillow. These are some great tricks to easily incorporate exercise where ever Shayk happens to be.

You may be wondering why Shayk even works out—she obviously has a killer body. But for Shayk, working out isn’t about being skinny; it’s about feeling good and that is why she keeps up with it.

Irina Shayk Diet

Shayk complements her regular workout habits with a healthy diet. For starters, she ensures that she consumes plenty of water, especially because many of the areas where she shoots are hot, so it’s important to stay hydrated.

Shayk doesn’t believe in following a strict diet; instead, she eats foods that are known to be healthy. She does treat herself on occasion, like when she wants an ice cream, she will very much have that ice cream. She is also very in tune with her portions. She avoids overeating and often will go to local markets to pick up fresh produce for her to cook.

For the most part, Shayk consumes plenty of fruits and vegetables, high-fiber grains, skim milk, tofu, and clear soups. Shayk is also a fan of citrus juices as they can provide high dosages of vitamin C.

Model Irina Shayk shows off how hard work and dedication to working out and healthy eating can really pay off. Furthermore, she shows that just because there isn’t a gym near by, it doesn’t mean you have to skip out on your workout. You can easily make any location your own gym.

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