Money Monster, TV Show ER Star George Clooney’s Diet Revealed: Lean Protein and Healthy Fats

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George Clooney

Photo credit: Splash News

The dashing Money Monster and TV show ER star George Clooney may be in his 50s, but he leads a healthy life and stays young—all thanks to his diet and fitness plan.

He’s fit, healthy and looks more handsome than ever. He was twice honored as the “Sexiest Man Alive” by People magazine, once in 1997 and again in 2006.

Clooney’s good looks are a credit to his healthy lifestyle. He works out daily and makes sure he eats right by incorporating healthy foods into his diet.

Back in 2004, during an intensely violent scene for the film Syriana, he hit his head on the floor, leading to a tear in his dura mater (the tough membrane that covers the brain and spinal cord), and ended up with a chronic back pain.

He’s also overcome other health issues, including malaria. Having conquered the toughest battle of his life, he became more health-conscious, practicing light workouts and adopting healthy habits.

Clooney’s Diet Plan

Clooney has a big appetite for Mexican food, pasta, meat, and fast food. Nothing seems to be more pleasing to him than spicy fish tacos followed by a shot of tequila.

After the Hollywood hunk put on weight, his beloved wife Amal designed a diet plan for him. Soon he adopted healthy habits with his well-defined, five-rule eating regimen, which partly includes no alcohol, fatty foods, or dairy products.

George Clooney’s Diet

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His diet consists of lean protein, oatmeal, eggs, vitamin C, fiber, healthy fats, carbs, meat, fish, and vegetables.

When hunger hits him between meals, he has nuts, a veggie sandwich, or fruit juice.

His New Year’s resolution was to go on a juice cleanse and have juices and salads daily. Strictly adhering to his diet plan, Clooney got rid of all his unhealthy habits and completely relies on a nutrition-enriched diet.

Clooney’s Workout Plan

The actor’s workout plan entails running on the court and then on the treadmill, playing basketball and doing push-ups, pull-ups, body weights, and cardio workouts of low intensity.

Apart from the other workouts that keep him in shape, he goes walking, hiking, running, and swimming.

He also engages in Bikram yoga to relax himself and finds it effective for weight loss, getting in shape, and minimizing his chances of aches, pains, or tears of any sort.

“Well I do a lot of aerobics, a lot of dance, there is a lot of jazz-ercise, the ab-master, there’s the butt-blaster or whatever it’s called. And also there is a lot of yoga. And I have also just finished doing a movie where I did football with a bunch of 21-year-olds which I highly recommend. That’s going to keep anyone in shape,” Clooney told the Daily Mail in 2007.