My 5 Favorite Detoxifying Foods

Try a natural detox by eating these foodsDetoxifying your body is a great way to give your digestive tract a break, as well as an aid to weight loss. Detoxifying gives your body a chance to heal from all the toxic foods we feed ourselves, like sugar, and other chemicals like monosodium glutamate (MSG), artificial sweeteners, and pesticides.

Some people choose to cleanse their bodies twice a year, while others do it every month or even week. During a body cleanse, you only eat lightly steamed vegetables and fruits, along with warm lemon water. This allows the body to rid itself of extra rotting food that has lingered in our intestines. Some people do a body cleanse anywhere from a day up to a week. It is important to check with your doctor first before you attempt a body cleanse or detox.

I allow myself the ability to eat detoxifying foods daily to enable my body to heal and detoxify day-to-day.

When we think of all the foods that we put into our mouths and how hard we can be on our system, it is only natural that we need to be gentle to our digestive system, as well. That’s why many people turn to a natural detox to improve their bodily systems.

We are surrounded by environmental toxins—as well as the toxins we put on and in ourselves—which can damage our bodies. Our skin is our largest organ and absorbs more than what we put in our mouth. Some of these toxins get stored in the body, and by eating detoxifying foods, it helps us rid ourselves of these damaging toxins before they can do us harm.

Here’s the healthy food I eat on my natural detox:

Lemons: I start my day by drinking warm lemon water and continue by drinking filtered water with lemon wedges throughout the day. Lemon helps break down food in your stomach for better digestion.

Cilantro: For a natural detox, you want to eat cilantro. This wonderful herb helps to remove heavy metals from the body, as well as reduces inflammation. I add it to salads and green vegetable smoothies.

Parsley: This powerful herb is chock full of vitamin C, chlorophyll, vitamin K, and folate, all of which help the body to detoxify.

Beets: Beets contain betaine, which can help detox the liver. Beets also contain pectin, a fiber which helps eliminate heavy metals from the body.

Chia Seeds: Full of fiber and rich in minerals and vitamins, once added to water, chia seeds form a gel which helps slow down the conversion of starches to sugar, as well as makes your feel full—and eat less as a result.

Why not pick up some of these detoxifying foods today and start to give your body a break? You’ll feel the difference when you try a natural detox.

Shirley Plant is the author of Finally… Food I Can Eat!, a dietary guide and cookbook for people with food allergies. Shirley also offers dietary consulting and menu planning via her site, Delicious Alternatives. Connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, or at