NASCAR Driver Danica Patrick Loves Yoga, Shares Workout Routine on Instagram

Danica Patrick
Photo Credit: Splash News

The words Danica Patrick and weight loss aren’t normally seen together because the celebrity NASCAR driver has always adhered to a strict diet and workout regimen, and has never really had an issue with weight. And she has to stay in top form to be competitive in the mostly male-dominated world of racecar driving. At five-foot-two and 100 pounds, Patrick keeps a fit body, one that has been on the covers of many magazines. One of the ways she stays in shape is by doing yoga, but not just any yoga, as can be witnessed on Danica Patrick’s Instagram account.

Patrick trains in yoga with the owner of The Lab Yoga in Chicago. In one Instagram post, Patrick says she’s not used to being on the other side of the camera but enjoyed challenging her balance and arm strength. In this particular pose, Patrick is on the ground with one leg over her arm, which is flat on the floor. It looks like a great stretch and opportunity to develop arm strength.

In another Instagram post, this time a short clip from the same session as the post mentioned above, Danica Patrick did a handstand and then from that position brought her legs down and rested one of them on her arm. It was an impressive maneuver that showed a lot of control and strength—she didn’t waver once! Looks like Danica Patrick’s yoga workouts are paying off!

Danica Patrick’s Fitness Routine

Cardio is important in Patrick’s line of work, so she likes to run one hour a day to build up her endurance. Four times a week she can be found in the gym working on building her upper body strength with her personal trainer. She chooses medium-intensity weights so as not to create too much bulk; she prefers a toned look.

Upper body strength is important to her; she prefers to focus on her shoulders, back, and chest, and she uses targeted exercises to build muscle in those areas. Lunges, squats, and crunches are part of her gym routine as well, as is doing yoga regularly. She works out every day, and keeps it interesting by varying her regimen.

Patrick says that fitness is important when maneuvering a car on a racetrack, though many might question why. The reason is that there’s no power steering. “If you’ve ever tried to turn your car when the steering goes out, it’s like that,” she says. “And then with the G-forces you produce going around corners especially, it can be grueling.”

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