NASCAR Driver Danica Patrick Shares Healthy Eating Habits: Bunless Burger Stacks, Homemade Foods

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Danica Patrick

Photo credit: Splash News

NASCAR driver Danica Patrick loves to take to Instagram to show off her healthy eating habits.

The first female Indy Car series winner recently posted images of acorn squash, a bunless burger stack, and even one of her attempt to get a friend to try one of her signature healthy meals. Her Instagram posts give you a vivid image of Patrick’s diet, which consists of the Paleo diet and homemade food.

Bunless burger stack!

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Let’s dig a bit deeper into the diet of Danica Patrick to gain some helpful tips on how we can eat better and healthier based on the NASCAR driver.

Trying to get @stenhousejr to eat what I eat…. He says “it’s just too much food”. ?

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What Danica Patrick Eats in a Day

First and foremost, Patrick enjoys homemade food. Where most famous people would be dining out, Patrick makes her Paleo diet food herself. She is even known to make her own almond milk!

To begin her day, Patrick starts off with chia seeds followed by yoga, which she regularly incorporates into her fitness plan. If Patrick is craving a heartier breakfast, she whips together sweet potatoes, kale, apples, peppers, and onions with either lean ground beef or turkey.

Patrick is also a big fan of green smoothies, which she will mix together with spinach, frozen fruit, either apples or bananas, and some lemon to cut down on the bitterness.

Although Patrick adheres to healthy eating, a peek into her refrigerator would reveal that she is a lover of soda; and she even enjoys a vast variety of cheeses, too. But when it comes to “cheat” food, that’s where Patrick basically draws the line. Even when she’s craving a sweet treat, she often opts for a fig brownie or bar.

Patrick stocks up on her veggies and when it comes to meat, she isn’t picky. She’s been known to consume anything from chicken or steak to salmon and bison. One of her craziest meals involves steak on a waffle and a fried egg!

To help with her eating habits, Patrick uses a smartphone app specifically designed for Paleo diet foods and recipes. This allows her to come up with the many recipes you see posted on her Instagram page.

Danica Patrick’s Workout Routine

As mentioned, Patrick enjoys taking part in regular yoga sessions, which she gets from This allows her to pause her session if something work-related pops up.

For more intense workouts, Patrick only dedicates 30 minutes to exercises like jump squats, burpees or high knees.

Intense bursts of cardio are the key to this 30-minute routine, during which every move lasts for just 30 seconds. For example, you can sprint for 30 seconds, break for 10, and spring once more.

Even though you wouldn’t think that a race car driver needs to train, Patrick is devoted to keeping her body fit, and she looks amazing because of it.

If you’re interested in the healthy eating habits of Danica Patrick, here are some takeaways: Choose homemade food and cook it yourself, incorporating healthy foods such as kale, and pair it with a fitness plan that you enjoy and you’ll stick with.

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