NASCAR Driver Danica Patrick’s Diet and Fitness Secrets: Healthy Breakfast and Yoga

Danica Patrick
Photo Credit: Splash News

Professional stock car racing driver, model, and advertising spokeswoman, Danica Patrick, is an inspiration to NASCAR fans and fitness enthusiasts. Her posts on social media on fitness and diet are followed by her many fans.

The NASCAR driver believes in a healthy breakfast, and this post on Instagram proves it. She captions the pic, “That’s my idea of a delicious breakfast! My sister and I both agree that without fat, we die. Just make sure it’s the healthy kind! I am powering up for a full day of golfing.”

Another great way to begin the day as shared by Patrick. This acai bowl pic which she recently posted looks really tempting.

So if you are into skipping breakfast altogether, maybe it’s time you reconsider including a healthy breakfast just like Patrick.

Patrick is also a stunning model and has an enviable figure. She maintains her well-toned body through regular workouts. She likes to include yoga in her workout routine as she finds it relaxing. This YouTube video shows Patrick practicing yoga.

The star recently took to Twitter and requested her fans to follow her blog on gym etiquette. She tweeted, “Read my latest #HealthyDriven blog on gym etiquette for Edward-Elmhurst Health.”

Want to know more about Patrick’s healthy lifestyle? Keep reading to find out her diet plan and workout routine.

Staying in Shape Like Danica Patrick

The auto racing driver believes in working out and shares in her recent blog, “Make exercise a regular part of your everyday life, not a big production you have to wedge into your schedule.” She talks about how one can set up a gym at home and says, “Home gyms are incredibly easy to set up … If you’re on a tight schedule, working out at home is often the best option.” The noteworthy message is to start working out, either at home or at gym and fitness centers.

Danica Patrick Workout Routine

Patrick is dedicated to her workout routine. She does cardio workouts and exercises the muscles in her back, forearms, and shoulders which helps to steer and drive fast. She focuses on strength training to strengthen the upper part of her body.

Her personal trainer, Bob Alejo, supervises her workouts. She works out with her trainer four times a week, and follows his advice when she works out on her own. She also does CrossFit and says, “CrossFit has taught me how to work out with minimal to no equipment. If you have a few basic items, you can do a ton of stuff with it. Start with a kettle bell, a jump rope, a box and a couple of weights.”

She likes to practice yoga and you will find many posts of her yoga workouts on Instagram, like this pic which is captioned, “Doing yoga without a stopping point is the best way…..who knows how far you can go. Today or in life.”

Doing yoga without a stopping point is the best way…..who knows how far you can go. Today or in life.

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Danica Patrick Diet Plan

The star probably believes that a healthy lifestyle includes healthy eating. She adheres to a high-protein, low-carb, and nutrient-dense diet.

Her meals are broken down to five or six small meals daily. She starts off her day with a healthy breakfast typically consisting of eggs, oatmeal, and peanut butter. Her favorite breakfast is a homemade chia pudding and says, “I mix almond milk with chia seeds and let them sit overnight.” On days when she feels like having a hearty breakfast, she makes a breakfast hash with sweet potatoes, peppers, apples, onions, kale, and lean ground beef or turkey.

She tries to include foods such as grilled salmon, brown rice with grilled chicken, and grilled onions in her meals. Lunch may include open-face turkey sandwiches with green veggies, mustard, and tomato. She eats wholesome snacks like wheat toast with peanut butter, apple, cheese, low-fat mozzarella, yogurt with berries, and vegetable soup with spinach. Dinner usually includes vegetables and protein, and the meat could be a salmon, chicken, steak, or bison. She also prefers cooking her own meals and says, “I tend to get more creative at night when I’m cooking.” She adheres to a gluten-free diet as she was diagnosed to have gluten and dairy intolerance.

She tries to avoid fruit juices and energy drinks as they tend to mess up her blood glucose levels. Instead, she prefers drinking a homemade smoothie that consists of apple, kale, pear, banana, and spinach.

To get in shape, adopt a healthy lifestyle like NASCAR driver, Danica Patrick.



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