NASCAR Driver Danica Patrick’s Fitness Tips on Instagram: Paleo Diet, Yoga, and CrossFit Workouts

Photo Credit: Press Line Photos / Splash News
Danica Patrick

Photo Credit: Press Line Photos / Splash News

The Danica Patrick Instagram account is used regularly to share with followers what she is doing in the kitchen and the gym. The NASCAR driver isn’t shy when it comes to sharing details of her personal life, which lets fans feel like they know her better.

The Danica Patrick paleo diet is often showcased on Instagram in pictures she posts of the food she has cooked or is eating. On August 6, she posted a dish she made on her tour bus that consisted of grilled zucchini boats, jerk chicken, and a grilled sweet potato-apple stack.

That same day, the Danica Patrick fitness expertise was on full display on Instagram—she shared a pic of her doing a backbend, something she says she incorporates into her workout every day.

Lastly, during what was a busy Instagram week for her, some impressive Danica Patrick yoga moves were shown off in a video post of her attempt to do a lotus pose while in a handstand. She wasn’t successful in executing the move, but she came close.

The Danica Patrick eating habits are fairly rigid, but they have to be for her to keep her slight frame. Opting for a paleo diet, Patrick avoids sugar and carbs, and she has even taken to making her own ketchup (which is usually high in sugar) and almond milk (which is far more nutritious when homemade). Patrick is a foodie and a seemingly talented cook, based on her pictures on Instagram.

One of her favorite breakfast meals is chia pudding with protein powder, cinnamon, and fresh fruit on occasion.

The Danica Patrick diet menu is simple, consisting mostly of fruits, vegetables, and complex carbs such as sweet potatoes, legumes, and lean meats.

If she is craving a heartier breakfast, for example, she makes a hash with sweet potatoes, kale, apples, peppers, onions, and lean turkey or ground beef. This mix is the perfect combination of fat, protein, and carbs.

The Danica Patrick 80/20 diet is practically non-existent as the racecar driver follows a strict diet at all times and hardly ever veers off course. Under the 80/20 diet, followers eat healthy whole foods 80% of the time and indulge in treat foods 20 % of the time.

Danica Patrick’s Workout Routine

It is safe to assume that for Danica Patrick working out is a thrill. The racecar driver engages in a wide array of activities to stay in shape, including running for an hour each day, yoga, and weight training to keep her upper body strong, especially the shoulders and arms that help her handle her vehicle.

The Danica Patrick training regimen is intense and vigorous, and she is definitely committed to her routine, which includes CrossFit. Danica Patrick does CrossFit every day when she is at home. Her love of CrossFit started with Insanity home workout DVDs, which aim to generate muscle confusion by never having participants do the same workout twice in a particular sequence and by encouraging high-impact exercises in intervals.

Insanity combines exercises from gymnastics, weight training, and cardio, to name a few areas; making it what some call a perfect workout. But this Danica Patrick workout is not for the faint of heart.

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