National Drink Wine Day 2017: Which Wine Glass to Use

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Wine connoisseurs have set down rules as to which kind of glass should be used with a particular type of wine. Supposedly, different wine glass shapes intensify the flavor and impact of the wine. So, while picking up a good bottle of wine for National Drink Wine Day 2017, make sure you have the compatible glass to serve it in.

We have a wine glass guide for your here, take a look!

National Drink Wine Day 2017 Wine Glass Guide

There are two different wine glass types—crystal and plain. A good wine-drinking tip is to choose crystal wine glasses over the regular, plain glass ones.

1. Red wine glass

Red wine goes well with rich, succulent foods like red meats and hearty pasta dishes. It should be served at room temperature.

Traditional red wine glasses: These have a fuller and rounder bowl with a larger opening surface. Most red wines need to “breathe,” therefore the mouth of the glass should be bigger so that it comes in contact with more air.

 Red wine glass

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Bordeaux glass: These are taller than traditional red wine glasses with small bowl mouth. It is designed to complement full-bodied, heavier red wines such as Cabernets and Merlots.

Burgundy glass: This glass is shorter than a Bordeaux glass and has a wide bowl mouth. It is designed for full-bodied, yet lighter wines like Pinot Noir which has delicate flavors.

2. White wine glass

White wine glass

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Usually served cold with white meat and fish, white wine should be served in a glass with a deeper bowl depression and narrow bowl opening. Younger white wine is served in slightly larger opening glasses. On the other hand, matured white wine is served in straighter and taller glasses with less bowl opening.

3. Sparkling wine (Champagne)

Sparkling wine glasses

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Maintaining their regality, champagne glasses are upright, tall and narrower with an elegant finish. The volume of the glass is kept small to retain the carbonation and bubbly texture.

4. Rosé wine glass

Rose wine glass

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This delicately pink colored wine has two types of glasses. One is the stemmed glass with a short bowl and a slight taper for mature, full-bodied rosé wines with a sweet taste. The other is a stemmed glass with a short bowl and a slightly flared lip for younger rosé wines with a crisp and dry taste.

5. Dessert and fortified wine glasses

Dessert and Fortified Wine Glasses

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A dessert or fortified wine should be served in an elongated U-shaped wine glass with a smaller bowl mouth.

Wine is a high-maintenance alcoholic beverage that demands respect and delicate handling. There is even a technique to holding the wine glass properly—hold your Zinfandel or Pinot Noir by the stem and not by the bowl. This isn’t trying to be pretentious because there’s a scientific reason to it. You see, the heat from the fingers transfers to the bowl, which will then raise the temperature of the wine.

Happy National Drink Wine Day 2017!

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