National Drink Wine Day Wiki : Everything You Wanted to Know

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Wine a little and laugh a lot because it’s National Drink Wine Day 2017! So, how did this fun day came into being? Well, we should begin by being thankful to social media like and the ever-enthusiastic youth around the world. Read our National Drink Wine Day Wiki for everything you wanted to know about this celebratory day.

National Drink Wine Day Wiki

When is National Drink Wine Day? The National Drink Wine Day for each year is calculated on how much buzz and discussion was around it the previous year. An algorithm examines all the National Drink Wine Day references across social media and delivers a date for the new year.

National Drink Wine Day 2017 is on February 18. The date may vary from year to year as it depends on the social media hype. Usually, the dates fluctuate between the months February and May. Of all the bizarre celebratory National Days, National Drink Wine Day has become the most popular. Here’s a list of the National Wine Days for 2017:

  • National Mulled Wine Day (March 3)
  • International Drink Malbec Day (April 17)
  • National Moscato Day (May 9)
  • National Chardonnay Day (May 21)
  • National Wine Day (May 25)
  • National Rosé Wine Day (June 11)
  • International Albariño Day (August 1)

5 Wines to Try for National Drink Wine Day 2017

Wine is an alcoholic beverage made from fermented grapes. The history and heritage of wine are as rich as its flavor. Associated with gods and great civilizations, wine is not only loved for its taste, but for its health benefits as well. Doctors say that drinking red wine in moderation benefits heart health.

1. Sofa King Bueno

2015 Red Blend, Chronic Cellars, Paso Robles, California ($20.00)

This wine has a lovely plum flavor with a hint of tannins. It contains 52% Syrah, 25% Grenache, 13% Petite Sirah, seven percent Mourvedre, and three percent Tannat. It goes well with spicy dishes like beef chili.

2. Meiomi Chardonnay

2015 Chardonnay, Meiomi Wines, Acampo, California ($21.00)

This wine has a smooth blend of butter and coconut with a healthy shot of oak. The grapes used to make this grand bottle of Chardonnay are Sonoma (44%), Monterey (29%), and Santa Barbara (27%).

3. Mondavi Napa Valley Pinot Noir 

Mondavi Napa Valley Pinot Noir wine

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2014 Pinot Noir, Robert Mondavi Winery, Carneros, California ($27.00)

This Pinot Noir has a mild flavor of tannins, combined with a creamy texture and a hazy presence of cinnamon.

4. Trimbach 

2012 Gewurztraminer, F.E. Trimbach, Alsace, France ($22.00)

The taste of this Gewürztraminer wine is distinctive with a peppery smack and a floral whiff.

5. Cotes du Rhone

Cotes du Rhone

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2014 Ferraton Pere & Fils, Rhone Valley, France ($14.00)

This wine is stronger than an American Pinot Noir and has an appealing fruity, but dry taste. It also ages well. A fine balance between dominant Grenache, spicy Syrah, and intense Mourvedre.

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