New York Jets Brandon Marshall Shares Coach Todd Bowles’s Healthy Diet: Broccoli, Avocado, Blueberries, and Chicken

New York Jets receiver Brandon Marshall is on a diet and has lost a few pounds so far eating good foods, including broccoli, avocado, blueberries, and chicken. The exact diet he’s currently following is called the Todd Bowles diet, and it’s a departure from the 21-Day Fix diet Marshall was on last year when he dropped 13 pounds.

Haven’t heard of the Todd Bowles diet? Well, that’s because it’s the diet created by Jets coach Todd Bowles for some of his players, but it looks like anyone can follow it, based on Marshall’s Twitter posts.

In June, the New York Jets receiver posted a few pictures of the meals he eats on Twitter adding the hashtag #ToddBowles diet—if you’re really curious, follow that to get updates on what else he might be preparing in his attempts to lose weight. The idea behind starting the diet is to keep his weight below 230 pounds. Brandon Marshall’s weight for the few past seasons has hovered at 234 to 235 pounds; and every pound counts in football if you’re going for speed, which is what coach Bowles wants from him.

Is Brandon Marshall’s Diet Plan Good?

One pic on Twitter shows a dinner meal with chicken and broccoli with a bit of salt as the main dish, and blueberries and peaches for dessert. Another meal he posted on Twitter was grouper with avocado and blueberries. Whether this calorie-restricted diet is providing him with enough nutrition is up in the air; there don’t seem to be any carbs, and given that Brandon Marshall is an athlete, he needs energy and you get that from carbohydrates (preferably complex carbohydrates).

As an athlete, his caloric intake exceeds what an average person’s would be and the Todd Bowles diet doesn’t seem to be taking this into consideration. Athletes need a finely tuned diet that takes into account their activity, stature, and energy requirements, and the only way to truly get a proper meal plan that provides the most nutrition with the least amount of calories is to work with a registered dietician. Living on broccoli, chicken, avocado, and blueberries, though a great place to start health-wise, may not be fulfilling the nutritional requirements needed for Brandon Marshall to be an effective receiver for the New York Jets.

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