Nick Jonas Shares Flashback of Eating the Italian Pastry, Cannoli: Flaunts Incredible Physique in Shirtless Selfie

Nick Jonas
Photo Credit: Christopher Peterson/Splash News

“Close” singer, Nick Jonas, has a ripped physique and it is no wonder that the star likes to show off his muscular looks. His recent shirtless selfie on Snapchat has left his followers charmed again. The caption for the pic says it all, “Play hard. Work harder.”

The singer finds time to work out even while on the road, and his boxing workouts with Demi Lovato for the Honda Civic Tour proves this. On the sixth episode of the Honda Civic Tour: Future Now Diary, he said, “Gotta get creative on the road.”

The 24-year-old singer also likes to share his workout videos on Instagram. The videos reflect the diversity in his workouts and show how hard he has been working out.

When it comes to working out, big brother and singer, Kevin Jonas, likes to join the fitness bandwagon. Both Jonas brothers love to stay fit. Kevin recently celebrated his birthday and Nick shared a flashback pic of a previous birthday on Instagram. Kevin and Nick seem to be really enjoying eating the Italian pastries called cannolis.

The Jonas brothers follow distinct workout routines. There is a lot of talk around Nick’s recent shirtless selfie. How does the “Close” singer maintain his physique? Read on to find out.

Nick Jonas’ Workout Routine

The singer likes to stay in shape. His workouts include exercises for different parts of his body like the upper body, core, or legs. While preparing for his MMA fighter role in DirecTV’s new drama series, Kingdom, he worked with coach Joe “Daddy” Stevenson. His personal trainer, Gregg Miele, helped him with strength-building, which also contributed to his ripped looks.

His strength-building workout routine includes quad mill eccentric squats, renegade overhead presses (barbell with renegade attachment), Jacob’s ladder, prowler pushes, and VertiMax lifts. He would do a 8 to 15 reps of each exercise and repeat for three rounds. The next block of training exercises would include 8 to 15 reps again for three rounds. This block comprised of hip thrusts in a Skorcher station, prowler pulls, TRX recline pull progressions, ERG chops, and tubing press-downs.

The singer has been working on stretching and lengthening muscles with hot yoga. He confesses, “I started to include more fun activities instead of just going to gym all the time.” His boxing workouts with Lovato while on the Honda Civic Tour, is a testament to this.

Nick Jonas’ Diet Plan

Jonas follows a strict diet because of his type 1 diabetic condition. He shares, “I don’t have the luxury of eating whatever I want whenever I want anyway, because of my type 1 diabetes.” He has been conscientious about his eating habits and has changed his consumption of calories from 3,000 calories to 4,200 calories a day.

His breakfast includes an omelet with veggies, some fruit, and a turkey meat patty. His lunch and dinner include lean proteins, veggies, and nuts. He also enjoys snacking on snap peas with peanut sauce.



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