Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban’s Wife, Looks Stunning at 49 Opposite Dev Patel at Lion Premiere

nicole kidman
Photo credit: John Phillips / Stringer/Getty

Nicole Kidman, wife of singer Keith Urban, looked absolutely stunning alongside Dev Patel at the London Film Festival for the Lion premiere. Kidman, who is 49 years old, is a well-respected actress in Hollywood and only appears to be looking more graceful with age. Here is a look into how she stays in amazing shape.

Nicole Kidman’s Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Nicole Kidman is a fitness enthusiast and is known for having a toned figure in all her movie roles. She practices different workout routines to keep fit and also to stay engaged (she enjoys variety in her workouts). Kidman enjoys yoga and Pilate’s workouts, as well as cardio, spinning, and strength training. She also enjoys outdoor activities like golfing and tennis.

Kidman is an athletic person and can play a tennis game for up to an hour, sometimes more than once per week. She is also an avid runner and comes from a marathon running family. She has run up to 12 miles, which goes to show that her endurance is quite impressive. On top of all these exercises, Kidman also enjoys swimming and does it for 30 minutes per day.

She practices yoga to build core strength as well as flexibility. Sometimes people think you have to go to a yoga class to experience benefits, but the truth is that you can practice at home too. Kidman prefers classes because it motivates her to be around others, but it’s all about preference. Her favorite styles of yoga are vinyasa and ashtanga. She finds them the most rewarding as she ages due to their low impact and the incredible results she experiences from them.

Kidman’s diet follows the 80/20 principle. This means that whenever she is tempted to eat junk and processed foods, she reaches for organic, clean, and nutrient dense foods instead, and 80% of her diet is made up of this. Only 20% of her diet is more indulgent, where she gets to treat herself to some of her favorite junk foods like pizza, pasta, and cakes.

She doesn’t like to restrict herself on holidays either—she loves to enjoy good food with family. By focusing on a predominantly organic diet, she helps her body get rid of toxins and organic food promotes healthy, glowing skin. She also follows a portion controlled diet.

Kidman eats five to six small meals a day in order to promote a healthy metabolism and blood sugar levels. This also helps with weight loss because it’s easier for the body to digest smaller meals. Low blood sugar is also great for keeping inflammatory responses low.

Nicole Kidman also practices meditation to maintain good mental health and tranquility. She began after her father, a psychologist, suggested it. When her mother passed away from breast cancer, her father recommended meditation as a preventative measure for degenerative diseases. The benefits of meditation are extensive. She does twenty minutes of meditation in the morning and twenty minutes in the evening.

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