Nicole Richie Shares Homemade Apple Cider Pic: Sofia Richie’s Sister Follows Healthy Food Plan to Stay Fit

Credits: Instagram/nicolerichie

Fashionista, reality TV star, clothing and jewelry designer, Nicole Richie, is in exceedingly great shape. A healthy food plan may include homemade foods that have wide-ranging benefits like apple cider, and Richie seems to know this. The fashionista recently Instagrammed a pic of her homemade apple cider, which has already received 15,000 likes.

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Richie starred on the E! reality series, The Simple Life, which ran for five seasons and ended in 2007. The star has over three million followers on Instagram and is very popular on social media. This homemade apple cider photo is sure to motivate many of her fans to follow a healthy diet plan. Fitness experts believe that consuming apple cider as a health tonic helps with weight loss, lowering blood sugar levels, plus many other health benefits.

She and her husband, Good Charlotte lead vocalist, Joel Madden, believe in staying in shape. To maintain her fitness, Richie likes to follow the Tracy Anderson Method.  The fitness guru shared on her web site, “She is a mother of two, a wife, runs a fashion empire (that I am obsessed with), but she still finds time to dance!” Richie’s younger sister, Sofia Richie, who made her modeling debut a few years back also believes in maintaining a well-toned body.

Are you curious to know how the fashionista and reality TV star maintains her fit physique? Keep reading to find out her diet and workout routine.

Nicole Richie Diet Plan and Workout

Richie likes to incorporate healthy and nutritious foods in her diet. She credits her husband, Madden, to introducing her to nutrient-packed foods, which are now a part of her healthy food plan. She eats wholesome foods like brown rice, grilled chicken, fruits, and green veggies.

To detoxify her body and mind, she likes to incorporate juicing diet plans. She is reported to have followed six diet plans at one point that focused on her having six juices per day. The diet program that the star followed allowed the consumption of 1,200 calories in a day, which fitness experts believe is not enough to sustain a healthy adult female body.

The celebrity now focuses on a diet which consists of foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, proteins, and vitamins. She likes to follow portion control and also believes in healthy eating habits, so she avoids junk and processed foods. Being a great cook, Richie likes cooking nutrient-loaded healthy meals for herself and her family. Her recent apple cider preparation is a testimony to this.

Richie admits that she wants her family to eat healthily saying to The New York Times, “ … I’m very conscious of what my family eats. We grow a lot of our own fruits and vegetables at our house. Currently, we are growing kale, spinach, broccoli, three kinds of tomato, arugula and we grow all of our own herbs as well. I hope to be a green thumb. If you make that the standard for the family, it becomes a habit.” She adds, “But my whole thing is that you enjoy yourself, too. We eat healthy and clean, but of course there are times when you got to “wild out.”

When it comes to workouts, Richie likes to follow Tracy Anderson’s workout routine and says, “She’s [Anderson] wonderful,” and adds, “ … she knows my body type.” She goes to her dance class four times a week and also practices weightlifting with lightweights. She knows that to stay in shape one cannot skip exercises.

There are no magic pills to staying in shape so why not try following Nicole Richie’s approach to a healthy lifestyle?



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