Nikki Reed Pregnant? Ian Somerhalder’s Wife Focussing on Fitness amid Divorce Rumours

Ian Somerhalder, Nikki Reed Look Fit amid Divorce Rumors: Here Are the Twilight & Vampire Diaries Stars’ Clean Diets
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The Vampire Diaries is ending after season 8, and Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder don’t seem to have anything else lined up. We are sure they have some great plans and are tight-lipped about them. Somerhalder has a deep desire to start a family with Reed, and the actress is often seen wearing loose clothes at public events.

What can you make out after reading this post by Reed on Instagram? Yes, you guessed right!  She is speculated to be pregnant, however, she has not confirmed the news yet.

The happiest of happy birthdays to my favorite person in the world. To my human, my partner, my guy, my better half It's you and I, staring at the clouds, talking about the beauty of everything when there's nothing in site. It's your genuine spirit and your gentle soul. It's knowing that you'll probably never remember to put your laundry away, and I'll surely always forget to clean the cat box (I know, that's a tough one and I'm working on it) It's our hands intertwined as we navigate this crazy dance called life together. It's every inside joke, and any chance I get to make you laugh from a new one. It's listening to you tell stories from a million lifetimes ago. It's watching you listen to me while I tell you mine. You inspire me, you challenge me, you amaze me. Thank you for trusting me to order almost every bottle of wine even though we all know it's your thing, and for reminding me every time I look at you that being your human is the coolest title in the world. I can't wait for every single birthday, because growing old with you just happens to be my favorite perk, plus it means we get to make even more anti-wrinkle face creams in our kitchen that you'll probably steal while you tweeze my gray hairs on "home-spa days". Damn… I just gave away your surprise 🙂 I love you…. Happy birthday…I have a feeling 38 is going to be pretty great… All my love and endless bottles of Chianti ❤️your wife

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Somerhalder celebrated his 38th birthday and Reed Instagrammed a cute throwback pic, probably of Somerhalder, with a touching message. Somerhalder was surely overwhelmed and commented by saying that it was the sweetest birthday note he ever received. He went on to say that this is his best birthday ever, which led to speculations that Reed is pregnant.

Rumors are also rife about the couple’s divorce after Nina Dobrev reunited with the actor on the eighth season of The Vampire Diaries, however his birthday note annuls it. Keep reading to know how Reed manages to stay fit amid all the rumors.

Nikki Reed’s Diet Plan

Nikki Reed is a vegan and she follows a healthy diet regime. She loves eating nutrition-rich foods like quinoa, brown rice, almonds, avocados and green veggies especially kale, spinach, asparagus, cabbage, and broccoli. Fresh fruits and veggies form a large part of her diet.

She includes healthy food items in her routine and loves the juice cleanse as well. She often sips energy-boosting juices like apple cider vinegar, cranberry juice, and lemon juice. The juices flush out the toxins from her body and give her flawless and supple skin. The detox program makes her feel healthy and happy, inside and out.

Before she puts anything in her body, she looks at the ingredients rather than the calories. She considers food as fuel for the body and wants to eat to be strong. Her definition of a beautiful body doesn’t mean having a six-pack, it simply means to eat healthy and exercise.

Reed never tries skipping meals and has nutrient-packed foods like nut butter or nuts and complex carbs like oats. She eats clean six days a week and enjoys a big cheat day where she indulges in cookies, desserts, and pizzas.

Nikki Reed Workout Routine

At one point, Reed never used to be concerned about exercising and kept away from the gym. Although gym workouts were never her thing, she did enjoy outdoor activities like swimming, hiking, running, water-skiing, and windsurfing. Perceiving the profound benefits of working out over the years, she has become more keen towards it.

She explored many new physical activities and incorporated multiple workouts in her exercise routine. She is a huge fan of boxing which targets her arms, legs and increases stamina.



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