Nikki Reed Stuns alongside Ian Somerhalder at Charity Event: Twilight Star Eats Vegan Food to Stay in Shape

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Credit: Peter Larsen / Stringer / Getty

Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder looked stunning at a recent charity event. The Twilight star and vampire boyfriend looked amazing; Reed wore a long floral dress, and Somerhalder paired a gray suit jacket with dark jeans. Reed credits her vegan food diet for her killer body, along with activities like swimming and boxing.

Reed was hosting the Unlikely Heroes charity event, which raises money for safe housing, medical care, and education for children who are rescued from sex slavery. Both Reed and Somerhalder participate in numerous charity events, including WE Day, which took place in California earlier this year.

Nikki Reed’s Diet and Workout

Reed’s healthy diet consists of nutritious vegan food. She enjoys plenty of vegetables along with quinoa, brown rice, almonds, and avocados. Reed has also done a few detox diets in the past, where she’ll consumes energy-boosting juices like cranberry juice, lemon juice, and apple cider vinegar. The detox diet is intended to cleanse her liver, kidneys, and to boost her metabolism.

As for her carb intake, Reed only consumes complex carbs. These are a type of carbohydrate that do not break down quickly; blood sugar levels won’t spike or drop suddenly. They’re a good tool to maintain energy throughout the day.

Reed was a previous smoker, but since quitting in 2009, she’s amped up her workouts and continues to keep her body toxin-free. Since quitting smoking, Reed has improved her workouts and enjoys swimming, boxing, running, hiking, and water-skiing, among other activities. Needless to say, Reed now enjoys a very active life.

For the most part, Reed tries to avoid high-fructose foods and citric acid; her goal is to consume foods that contain five ingredients or less. She has admitted that eating in moderation is her biggest challenge.

To combat this, she allows herself a cheat day: she eats healthy and clean for six days. and has whatever she desires on the seventh day. Although you won’t find her overindulging on her cheat day, Reed won’t deny herself something if she really wants it.

Nikki Reed’s diet and workouts aren’t complicated at all. She uses food to fuel her daily activities and exercise to improve her fitness and well-being. She doesn’t deprive herself of treats, and tries to live as much of a balanced life as possible. It seems this strategy has worked for Reed, because she looks super healthy!

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