Nikki Reed and The Vampire Diaries Season 8 stars Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder Share Health Secrets

The Vampire Diaries Season 8 stars
Photo credit: Angela Weiss / Stringer /Getty

Nikki Reed and The Vampire Diaries Season 8’s Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder seem to share the same life philosophy: live well and be kind to your body.

All three live clean lives that involve eating well, not drinking too much alcohol, and doing a lot of physical activity, especially outdoor workouts.

Who wouldn’t want to get outside and be active when you live in a place that has sun and warmth all year long. It’d be crazy not to!

Nikki Reed, 28, who is married to The Vampire Diaries starIan Somerhalder,is a genuinely wholesome woman. She isn’t one to take selfies, hardly ever wears makeup when not on set, and doesn’t like picture filters. She believes that women should feel confident about who they are naturally.

She says that while growing up, calories were never something that were mentioned, so to this day it isn’t something she thinks about.

As for living a healthy life, Reed exercises every day by mountain biking and she often does it with her husband. Morning workouts are a must and it has to be something that involves the outdoors. She says that she’d rather be able to lift 50 pounds than feel skinny.

A vegetarian, Reed doesn’t eat any animal products, and she thinks that has a lot to do with the overall wellness of a person, especially how well their skin looks.

Many vegetarians swear that they have glowing skin because they do not eat meat. Reed even makes her own skincare products with natural oils, sugar, and salt. Meditation is also important to Reed, even if it’s just for just five minutes; she’s learning how to do it in busy environments.

Reed’s husband,Ian Somerhalder, takes great care of his physical appearance and overall well-being so that he can continue to have a successful career in Hollywood. He leads as healthy a lifestyle as his wife does and often accompanies her on her mountain biking excursions.

The actor avoids junk food and doesn’t drink a lot of alcohol. He follows aprotein-based diet that includes the consumption of healthy fats. He eats mostly chicken, fish, fruits, vegetables, and on occasion will have rice and oats. Before workouts it is said that he likes to have a cup of green tea to give him energy.

Nina Dobrev’s Healthy Living Basics

Nina Dobrev has always had a slim, fit body and that’s because the actress keeps to a healthy diet and regular physical activity regimen,which includes running regularly and Pilates Barre workout classes. She doesn’t drink alcohol and eats healthy snacks only.

Her favorite snack bar is the KIND bar and she says she almost eats one every hour. Snacking throughout the day, all day, is a regular thing for her. Dobrev also admits to drinking many, many shakes in a day—the kind that act as a meal replacement.Her trick is to blend it with a banana and almond milk.


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