Nina Agdal, Leonardo DiCaprio’s Girlfriend, Does SoulCycle Workouts

Nina Agdal
Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris / Staff / Getty

Nina Agdal, girlfriend of Leonardo DiCaprio, was spotted at a SoulCycle class in New York. The 24-year-old model looked incredibly fit as she walked around the class in a bright yellow Nike sports bra that showed off her abs.

Days prior to Agdal hitting the gym, she was relaxing with boyfriend DiCaprio in the French Polynesia, but she’s clearly back to the grind and the vacation is over, because once she got back to America she was getting her sweat on once again.

Fitness Tips from Nina Agdal

To stay in shape herself, Agdal performs yoga, boot camps, boxing, Tone House, SoulCycle, army-style classes—basically anything that challenges her body and that can help her stay fit. For Agdal, motivation is simple, it stems down to working out being something that she never regrets.

She noted that eating pizza, drinking wine, and other unhealthy choices can lead to regrets, but getting in a good workout will make you feel good and get any thoughts of regret out of your mind.

Clearly, Agdal isn’t afraid of a challenge. She posted a video on her Instagram that revealed the young model performing various intense exercises, from balancing on one foot on a Bosu ball, to completing leg raises while hanging from a pull-up bar—she even did some boxing with trainer Eric Rakofsky.

Back at it with @mr_ericrakofsky ??? #whatyousweatiswhatyouget

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Agdal’s Diet Tips

To maintain her fitness results, Agdal follows a healthy diet and is always snacking on something nutritious. She mainly follows a low carb diet that has her avoiding pasta and white bread, but although Agdal mainly eats healthy it doesn’t stop her from feeding her temptation and enjoying the occasional burger from time to time.

Another diet favorite of Agdal is drinking green tea regularly; she has the beverage two to three times a day.

Being a model, Agdal is constantly on the road—she ensures that she is having some sort of healthy snack every three hours. Snacks include granola bars, almonds, pistachios, energy bars, rice cakes, avocados, and basically anything that can be easily taken with her that will not only give her nutrients, but boost her energy too.

It seems that exercise is such a large part of Agdal’s life that she even does it while on vacation. In an older Instagram post, the model showed off some exercises in her bikini Oceanside. The combination consisted of a walk-out plank, push-up, burpee, and ended with a tuck-jump.

No excuses ????? #whatyousweatiswhatyouget

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All of Nikki Agdal’s hard work in and out of the gym pays off because the young model looks amazing. Although Agdal is young, if she keeps up her regular workouts she will continue to have a long-lasting modeling career.

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