Paris Hilton and Singer Fergie Look Stunning at Milan Fashion Week: Workout & Diet Pay Off

Paris Hilton
Photo credit: MaHahui / Splash News

Paris Hilton and Fergie both walked the runway at Milan Fashion Week, showing off bold outfits that revealed a lot of their bodies.

Hilton, 35, and Fergie, 41, looked as good as any models on the runway, proving that diet and workout can keep you looking good at any age.

The Milan Fashion Week attracts celebrities and supermodels from all across the globe. Many celebrities come to watch the fashion show, but it’s those who walk the runway that are the center of attention. Paris Hilton and Fergie are not models, but as part of the show, they could have fooled anyone.

Both stars wore gladiator-style adornments that were bold and eye-catching. Hilton wore a shapely gown that revealed her toned body, while Fergie wore hot pants that put her shapely legs on full display.

How do Hilton and Fergie manage to stay in such good shape? Read on to find out.

Paris Hilton’s Diet and Workout Routine

Paris Hilton is a controversial figure: a rich heiress and socialite who has done everything from reality TV shows to music albums.

While not all of her endeavors are a success, no one can deny that Hilton manages to keep in great shape, with a slim body that many models could only wish to have.

What may be surprising is that Hilton has not always followed a healthy diet. In fact, Hilton is a huge fan of junk food and particularly enjoyed McDonald’s French fries. She was known for eating a lot of fast food.

However, when her weight hit 125 pounds and Hilton began reading blogs commenting on her growing size, she decided to completely change her diet. She switched fast food for organic food and soda for plain water. She also cut out all fried foods, including her beloved McDonald’s fries.

The results? Hilton lost 10 pounds in three months, showing that it’s possible to lose weight with simple dietary changes.

She also started to exercise more. With her personal trainer, Hilton does weight lifting and cardio exercises. Cardio is great for burning off calories, and weight lifting can actually help women slim down despite some people’s concerns that it will make them bulkier.

For Hilton, diet and exercise is the key to her great looks and lean figure. With her appearance at Milan Fashion Week, no one can deny that Hilton’s weight loss approach works.

Fergie’s Diet and Exercise Routine

At 41 years old, Fergie looks in as great shape as ever. What makes her toned body even more impressive is that Fergie is a mom. How did she do it?

For Fergie, exercise is crucial to keeping her toned body. Fergie works out six days a week, using intense training to burn off weight and slim down. She approaches her training like a full-time job, putting in the work necessary to lose weight. She uses a mix of muscle-building exercises and cardio.

Fergie also eats a healthy diet full of rich sources of protein, including fish and eggs. Key to her diet is having realistic expectations. She allows herself some unhealthy indulgences from time to time, which helps her to stick to a healthy meal plan the rest of the time.

So if you want to look like Paris Hilton or Fergie did at Milan Fashion Week, then workout and diet are your best bets!

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