Paul Dano’s Directorial Debut: Fittest Guy Jake Gyllenhaal & Stunning British Star Carey Mulligan Pair Up

Paul Dano
Photo credit: Robert O'neil/Splash News

Paul Dano has strayed off the path of acting in favor of becoming a director. His upcoming directorial debut film, Wildlife, stars Jake Gyllenhaal—one of the fittest guys in Hollywood—and the British Star Carey MulliganWildlife is the first movie hat Mulligan and Gyllenhaal will star in together.

Below is Gyllenhaal and Mulligan’s diet and workout routine for Wildlife.

Jake Gyllenhaal’s Workout Routine

The handsome hunk always sports a muscular physique and is blessed with good looks too. His physique was not achieved overnight, but is a result of his dedication to exercise. He does the following workouts to keep himself fit:


Gyllenhaal’s outdoor cardio workout consists of running for 90 minutes.

Cardio is essential for increasing stamina, and it also helps build muscles to some degree.


High Intensity Interval Training involves completing rigorous exercises within a short period, followed by smaller rests.

Gyllenhaal does 10 minutes of uphill sprints, followed by exercises at the top of the hill. He then does five reps of HIIT with a 10-minute run, and then some stretching.


He does some cardio before parkour, and then starts with gymnastics. He then moves on to jumps on harder surfaces like roof tops, benches, bridges, and beams.

Building Muscles

For muscle building, Gyllenhaal spends one hour in the evening training with resistance cables. He follows it by doing push-ups, pull-ups, and weight training for his abs. Later, he focuses on stretching and brisk walking.

Jake Gyllenhaal’s Diet

He makes sure to keep himself hydrated throughout the day by drinking two liters of water. Gyllenhaal avoids refined sugar, but occasionally drinks wine.

He also consumes protein bars, dark chocolate, and supplements rich in omega 3, 6, and 9.His sample diet plan is:

Morning Snack

Gyllenhaal consumes a light but healthy snack pre-workout. It consists of a banana with a few dry fruits and nuts, and an espresso.


His breakfast includes a protein shake and an egg-white omelet. To make up for the loss of salt during workouts, he sips an isotonic drink.


He opts for a healthy lunch, and consumes a baked potato with some tuna and a salad.


For dinner, he prefers a healthy soup and a small protein shake.

Carey Mulligan’s No Dieting Resolution and Workout Routine

For her Oscar-winning movie An Education, Mulligan fell prey to dieting and was left with an extremely thin body.

The star no long buys into the dieting fad. She loves pizza and wine, and does not want to spend her time eating soups and salads.

Her workout is comprised of light exercises. She abhors spending five to six hours in the gym like other celebrities. She likes to live a normal life, not the life of an actress.

Carey Mulligan prefers up-hill cardio exercises like hiking, which affects all the muscles of the body and can burn up to 370 calories per hour.

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