Calvin Harris: Height, Weight, Body Statistics 1970-01-01T00:00:00ZPamela Wiles (Mother), David Wiles (Father)6’5”, (196 cm)91 kilograms, (201 lbs)Music producer

Calvin Harris: Height, Weight, Body Statistics

Calvin Harris
(Adam Richard Wiles)
Pamela Wiles (Mother)
David Wiles (Father)
Music producer
(196 cm)
91 kilograms
(201 lbs)
43-15.4-32 in
(109-39-81 cm)

Adam Richard Wiles or Calvin Harris is a very popular DJ who is known for hits like “Let’s Go”, “Thinking About You”, “Drinking from the Bottle”, “I Need Your Love”, “I’m Not Alone”, “Ready for the Weekend” and many more.

Gym Workout
Leslie Karpman
Protein diet and Vegetables

Unlike his ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift, you won’t see Calvin Harris writing a break-up album. Instead, Harris focuses his energy on working out. Harris, a world-renowned DJ, is regularly spotted leaving gyms as he works on his fitness routines.

According to Just Jared, Minnesota Vikings NFL player Antone Exum allegedly spotted Harris at the gym and thought he was a pro athlete! Are the workouts possibly being used as a distraction from the Taylor Swift drama?

To become the body of Armani underwear you need to work out, hard! And that’s exactly what Harris did to land the gig. At age 31, Harris looks better than ever. Even with a busy traveling schedule one may question how he managed to get a six-pack along the way.

Harris sticks to a gym routine, even while on tour. His secret to looking good is pretty simple: Don’t drink, sleep well, eat well, and always ensure you have an ab roller along for the ride!

Although Harris is generally a private guy, one would speculate that his diet consists of plenty of protein, vegetables and limited sugar. Harris has even noted that living in L.A. has helped his diet as he can easily find food that is fresh and organic.

When compared to the UK, he suggests that food options are much healthier in L.A., making it easier to eat healthy for the long-run.

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