Cristiano Ronaldo: Height, Weight, Body Statistics 1970-01-01T00:00:00ZMaria Dolores dos Santos Aveiro (Mother), José Dinis Aveiro (Father)6’1 1/4”, (186 cm)83 kilograms, (183 lbs)Football Player

Cristiano Ronaldo: Height, Weight, Body Statistics

Cristiano Ronaldo
(Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro)
Maria Dolores dos Santos Aveiro (Mother)
José Dinis Aveiro (Father)
Football Player
6’1 1/4”
(186 cm)
83 kilograms
(183 lbs)
43-14-33 in
(109-35.5-84 cm)

Playing football from Real Madrid club and being one of the richest football players.

Weight training, Cardio
Salads and a protein-based diet

Have you seen Cristiano Ronaldo in his new ad campaign for CR7 underwear? I’d highly recommend it if you want to see a chiseled physique and rock-solid abs.

Ronaldo sticks to a diet that is high in protein. Protein is essential when building muscle, as its job is to ensure cells and tissues can function properly.

Protein is also needed to help muscles recover from their use after a workout, and clearly, Ronaldo knows a thing or two from his soccer workouts.

In addition to high levels of protein in his diet, Ronaldo eats plenty of vegetables, whole grain carbs and fruit. He also avoids sugary foods and alcohol. Instead, he drinks plenty of water to stay hydrated.

When it comes to his workouts and bodybuilding, Ronaldo has a lot of wisdom to share from his extensive experience training for soccer tournaments.

At just 31 years old, Cristiano Ronaldo has such a successful soccer career, not to mention a killer body, and it seems like the sky is the limit for this athlete. His ambition is noteworthy, as he strives to be better at what he does every day.

The advice he offers for anyone trying to get a handle on their fitness is practical and straightforward, and he even has workout videos that demonstrate his training.

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