Ellie Goulding: Height, Weight, Body Statistics 1970-01-01T00:00:00ZTracey Goulding, Arthur Goulding5’5” , (165 cm)56 kg, (123.5 lbs)Bobby Rich, (Rumored Boyfriend)Singer

Ellie Goulding: Height, Weight, Body Statistics

Ellie Goulding
(Elena Jane Goulding)
Tracey Goulding
Arthur Goulding
(165 cm)
56 kg
(123.5 lbs)
35-26-35 inches
(89-66-89 cm)

Her music.

Bobby Rich
(Rumored Boyfriend)
Yoga, Barry’s Bootcamp
Bobby Rich
Vegan Diet

Ellie Goulding is so dedicated to her fitness routine, that everyone is speculating she has started dating her personal trainer, Bobby Rich!

Goulding loves working out to Barry’s Bootcamp, and she also runs for 25 minutes to get to the gym. She is known to swiftly run six miles while touring. Afterwards, she will have a nutrient-rich beverage and is all set to rock the stage. The avid runner has run three 78-mile marathons to raise money for charity. She completed her fourth half-marathon in Washington D.C., at an impressive one hour and 41 minutes.

She works on the treadmill and does mat work as well, but it’s her commitment and dedication that has surely helped her, says her old trainer, Faisal Abdalla. Goulding does yoga as well to have a leaner, stronger, and energized body. She is also a fan of  Capoeira (Brazilian combo of dance and martial arts) which helps tone her hips.

Ellie Goulding’s diet and workout routine has helped shape her physique, as well as gain more confidence and strength.

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