Joe Jonas: Height, Weight, Body Statistics 1970-01-01T00:00:00ZDenise Jonas (Mother), Paul Kevin Jonas, Sr. (Father)5’8”, (173 cm)64 kilograms, (141 lbs)Singer

Joe Jonas: Height, Weight, Body Statistics

Joe Jonas
(Joseph Adam Jonas)
Denise Jonas (Mother)
Paul Kevin Jonas, Sr. (Father)
(173 cm)
64 kilograms
(141 lbs)
38-14-33 in
(96-35.5-84 cm)

Being a member of the Jonas Brother, and now a member of DNCE.

Weightlifting, boxing
Gregg Miele
Protein diet, green juice

Musician Joe Jonas rose to fame alongside brothers Nick and Kevin in the band Jonas Brothers. He currently fronts his new band, DNCE. It takes a lot of energy to perform on stage the way he does, so you can imagine that Joe Jonas’ workout routine is pretty intense.

Jonas is a self-proclaimed exercise addict and has a history of working out before every performance. To stay in shape for his shows, Joe Jonas’s exercise routine includes lifting weights; he also enjoys jogging and boxing sessions. So have his workouts generated results? According to a photo posted on Joe Jonas’s Instagram account, it would appear so; Joe Jonas’s six-pack abs were recently featured in a photo on the social media site.

He works with a personal trainer on a regular basis, but one potential secret of Joe Jonas’s workout plan is that he wears a windbreaker to help him sweat more, which could lead to shedding greater amounts of fat. Maybe he even watches exercise videos like regular people.

It’s a good thing he follows an exercise routine, because the singer seemingly eats whatever he wants. He is known to replenish himself after a workout session with Gatorade and Luna bars. Other favorite foods of his include barbecued chicken pizza, chicken cutlets with mayo, and chocolate marshmallow ice cream.

That’s certainly a lot of unhealthy food for a self-proclaimed exercise addict. However, sometimes Jonas consumes healthier choices while on the go, including a protein bar or cold-pressed green juice. He says he tries to eat healthy, but also thinks balance is important, especially if he’s in a city that’s known for a particular food or a great restaurant.

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