Pippa Middleton: Height, Age, Weight, Body Statistics

Pippa Middleton
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Pippa Middleton, is 35 years-old. The socialite weighs 53 kg (117 pounds) and has a height of 5’5” (166 cm). Her workout includes indoor climbing and boxing which helps her maintain a 34-23-34 figure.

Pippa Middleton reportedly worked out a lot, just before her marriage. In 2017 she has looked leaner and all the more fit thanks to her moderation diet and strict workouts.

Pippa Middleton: Weight, Age, Height, Body Measurements

Name: Pippa Middleton (Philippa Charlotte Middleton)

Age: 35 years, September 6, 1983

Mother: Carole Middleton

Father: Michael Francis Middleton

Build: Slim

Weight: 53 kg or 117 pounds

Height in feet: 5’5”

Height in centimeters: 166 cm 

Boyfriend/Spouse: Nico Jackson (boyfriend)

Measurements: 34-23-34 in or 87-58.5-87 cm

Diet: Portion-controlled Diet

Workout: Indoor climbing and boxing

Best Known For: Pippa Middleton is best known as being Kate Middleton’s younger sister.

Know More About Pippa Middleton:

In 2015, Pippa Middleton revealed a 10-week exercise plan to help tone your body. It’s an easy step-by-step regimen that focuses on different types of workouts which include core exercises, as well as exercises to improve flexibility and mobility.

Week 1: Walking

The plan starts with walking for seven days. Pippa Middleton says that regular power walks at moderate to high speeds will boost endorphins, which will help keep you positive and drop calories. She mentions the importance of using your arms, building your glutes, and engaging your abs when walking.

Week 2: Set a Fitness Plan

The next step in her plan is to set an achievable goal to help keep you focused. She recommends logging your fitness plan in a dairy to see the progress as it happens.

Week 3: Definition and Strength Work

Middleton suggests doing 30 to 60 minutes of moderate-intensity exercises (e.g. power walking, cycling, swimming) five times per week, or 20 to 60 minutes of vigorous cardio (e.g. running, tennis) three times per week. It’s also a good idea to add strength training to help you build shape and definition.

Week 4: Find an Enjoyable Fitness Activity

Pippa Middleton also suggests picking an activity that you enjoy like gardening, cycling, or playing tennis. She also suggests finding a local park with an outdoor gym to help keep you motivated.

Week 5: Discover Core Exercise

She promotes a natural core exercises such as Pilates or other core classes such as the CXWORX class. Examples of core exercises include V-sits, planks with knee drives, and reverse crunches.

Week 6: High Intensity Interval Training

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is great for boosting fitness and burning fat. According to Middleton, it’s a short and intense workout that’s excellent for your body. Some HIIT exercises are burpees, side skaters, and squat jumps.

Week 7: Flexibility Exercises

She suggests flexibility exercises such as yoga or Pilates. The combination of deep breathing and controlled positions help boost blood flow to the brain.

Week 8: Exercise for Mobility

Mobility exercises are also important her. Some mobility exercises she suggests include squats with leg raises, band walks, inner thigh lifts, and lunges with rotations.

Week 9: Take a Rest for Day or Two

Middleton suggests taking a couple days for low-intensity exercises (or “active recovery”) to help you rest and recover. Such exercises include walking or gentle swimming.

Week 10: Full-Body Boot Camp

In week 10, Pippa Middleton suggests a full-body boot camp with exercises such as skipping, step-ups with knee drives, bench dips, and incline push-ups.

Pippa Middleton’s Diet Plan

Pippa also reveals her diet secrets in Waitrose. She has debunked reports that she follows super-strict protein programs like the Dukan diet.

She believes that good health is about moderation in everything. She exercises and eats well, and allows herself the occasional indulgence such as chocolate, chips, or wine.

She also limits refined carbs and eats sensible portion sizes. With a disciplined workout and a healthy diet, there’s no doubt that Pippa Middleton will be in shape for her wedding to James Matthews next year.

Pippa Middleton: Weight, Height, Age, Body Measurements

Pippa Middleton Weight 53 kg or 117 pounds
Pippa Middleton Height 5’5” (166 cm)
Pippa Middleton Age 35 years
Pippa Middleton Body Measurements 34-23-34 in or 87-58.5-87 cm