Pitch Perfect Star Anna Camp, Skylar Astin’s wife, Diet Revealed: Lean Protein, Balanced Meal

Anna Camp
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Pitch Perfect star Anna Camp, and wife to fellow co-star Skylar Astin, is no doubt a beautiful woman. Husband Astin wrote on his Twitter, “Truly on Cloud No. 9. I got to marry my best friend in the whole world. And she ain’t too tough on the eyes either!”

The young star sticks to quite the beauty routine in order to look her best. That paired with a healthy diet and workout routine, and Camp is looking amazing.

If you’ve been curious as to what the actress does to look her best, then read on as we unveil some of her food and fitness secrets.

Actress Anna Camp’s Diet, Beauty, and Fitness Secrets

Camp has noted that she’s become more of a minimalist, meaning that she wears less flashy jewelry and makeup. Some of her other beauty secrets include changing her shampoo every two to three days, and going for regular massages—especially for her feet after a long day of wearing heels.

Camp also does regular exfoliating masks once every three days, which she credits with keeping her skin fresh in between scheduled facials. Her beauty tricks clearly do wonders for the actress, because believe it or not, she’s in her early 30s!

Camp has a naturally slim build, but it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t put in work to maintain that. Although she doesn’t stick to a given daily eating plan, Camp tries to generally eat healthy foods.

She enjoys balanced meals throughout the day, along with snacks in between to keep her going. She focuses on lean proteins, and pairs that with plenty of fruits and vegetables. Although Camp mainly adheres to healthy eating, she still allows herself a treat every now and then—during the summer, you can probably catch Camp enjoying some cold ice cream.

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As for Camp’s fitness routine, when the weather is nice, she enjoys heading outdoors with her dog for a hike.

When it comes to beauty, fitness, and diet, Anna Camp keeps it pretty simple. Her minimal look really shows off her natural beauty, and her easy adherence to healthy eating manages to keep her in shape. The takeaway from Camp’s personal life is that living healthy doesn’t have to be complicated, and living well can be as easy as being mindful.

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