Pizza Hut Christmas Hours: Find Out the Timings, Deals, & Christmas Menu

Pizza Hut Christmas Hours: Know Timings, Deals & Christmas Menu
(Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

Craving a pizza for Christmas 2016? Then why not visit your local Pizza Hut as many locations will be serving up great Pizza Hut deals on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day? Not sure of the Christmas opening hours?

Not to worry as we will outline when Pizza Hut will be operating so that you can dine in or get your hot pizza delivered.

Pizza Hut Christmas Hours of Operation

The majority of Pizza Huts are open on most days including Christmas Eve. Christmas Day, though, they are closed.

The best thing you can do is visit Pizza Hut’s web site to find your local franchise and give them a call about their operating hours. Although they will be open, many of them will run on reduced hours, so to ensure you get your pizza on time, make sure you call ahead.

Pizza Hut Menu

Pizza Hut unveiled a limited-time Christmas menu along with Christmas deals. But how do you get these deals? Well, when your server comes to your table when you dine in just whisper “Tastes like Christmas” and you will be told the items on the secret menu.

For a limited time as well, Pizza Hut is serving a chocolate and orange milkshake, which some diners can actually receive for free when they hit the “Press for Christmas” button. Diners will receive a button to press and when they do, they have a chance to sit at the “Christmas Table,” where the server will deliver to them a gift box full of holiday items including props to take festive selfies with.

Some locations will also be serving up Chocolate and Orange Cookie Dough and Mulled Wine along with other festive cocktails, but this is dependent on location.

As for their holiday deals, once again, Pizza Hut is offering its $10.00 any deal. How it works is diners can choose a large pizza with (almost) any crust they wish along with any topping for only $10.00.

The deal is for a limited time and is only available as a carry-out option. That means you can choose from pan, hand-tossed, and thin crust varieties; unfortunately, stuffed crust isn’t available for the deal.

It’s not clear how long the deal will run—some speculate until February—but to be safe order it when you can and don’t wait for it to pass!

So, if pizza is your holiday food of choice you won’t want to pass up all the festivities and deals going on at your local Pizza Hut.


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