Pop Singer Jessica Simpson Says Exercise Makes Her Love Her Well-Toned Post-Baby Body

Jessica Simpson
Photo credit: SPW / Twist/ Splash News

Pop singer Jessica Simpson opened up about her post-baby body in Women’s Health magazine and shared how her weight fluctuations have made her a billionaire. It’s no secret that Simpson’s weight has been a hot topic for most of her career, but now she is embracing a toned body thanks to post-baby workouts.

Simpson notes that being a variety of sizes has helped her better develop her clothing line, because she became familiar with what women wear at different sizes. She honed in on this to create a clothing line that would make any woman of any body type feel like a runway model.

Simpson has endured plenty of media scrutiny throughout her career, but she credits workouts for keeping her same. Let’s take a closer look at the weight loss and diet secrets of Jessica Simpson.

Jessica Simpson’s Diet Secrets Revealed

Simpson’s workouts have changed drastically from her early songstress days to now being a mom of two. The singer noted that when she was younger, dancing on tables was her exercise but that has changed since she had her first child.

Now that she’s completing more structured workouts, the pop star loves her flat tummy, especially because she knows all the transformations it’s gone through.

Being under the public scope can be difficult, and Simpson turned to workouts as a means to drown out the noise – which kept calling her fat. As a mom of two, motivation isn’t always easy and workouts can be challenging, but she manages to squeeze in physical activity by chasing her children around or picking them up.

Although getting to the gym may, Simpson notes her biggest motivation is the great feeling she gets after a gym session – that is what keeps her going back for more.

Jessica Simpson

When it comes to diet, Simpson is famously known for promoting Weight Watchers. After having her first daughter, Weight Watchers helped Simpson lose a whopping 60 pounds. Weight Watchers works by allowing you to eat healthy foods that fill you up so you will eat less.

Furthermore, foods are given points so that you have a daily point’s allowance to consume. Foods higher in sugars and saturated fat are worth more points, so you eat less of them; or instead, make healthier choices so you don’t waste points on something so small and unhealthy.

The pros of Weight Watchers are that you essentially can eat what you want and the diets are flexible. For Simpson, at least, it has shown to be successful in helping her lose weight – especially after her pregnancies.

Jessica Simpson’s weight fluctuations have almost overshadowed her career, but the now mom-of-two doesn’t care what the media says and is more concerned about making other women feel beautiful in her clothes and feeling great on her own.

She is truly looking her best this time around, which can be accredited to her gym workouts along with her healthy eating plan.

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