Pop Star Ellie Goulding Inspires Fans with Super Intense Workout Sessions

Credit: Ana M Wiggins / Splash News
Ellie Goulding

Credit: Ana M Wiggins / Splash News

Pop star Ellie Goulding’s workout sessions can easily be found on her Instagram account, as she continues to post her time spent in the gym. Her most recent workout looked pretty intense, from alternating jumping lunges to some high-dangling crunches.

Goulding enjoys providing fitness tips to her fans and hearing that she is their inspiration. She wants her fans to really see her as someone they can relate to, all the while providing them with the necessities to get fit on their own.

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Goulding enjoys all types of exercise as it helps her release feel-good endorphins. From yoga and strength-building exercises to improving her flexibility, Goulding no doubt lives an overall healthy lifestyle. She even follows a vegetarian diet, which helps improve her fitness.

Music and fitness are two of the most important things in Goulding’s life at the moment, and she clearly excels at both of them. Even while on tour, Goulding still finds time to get in her regular training because she finds it helps her with her live performances.

Ellie Goulding’s Healthy Lifestyle

Goulding has managed to marry fitness into her daily life quite well, and it may be a result of an addiction to the feeling that exercise provides. She’s noted in interviews that she is an endorphin addict and the more she trains and the more changes she sees, the more inspired she becomes to push on.

There may be a worldwide trend to be skinny, but Goulding would much rather be strong. She says the number on the scale doesn’t concern her too much, although she prefers her athletic build over a stick figure.

Ellie Goulding

Photo Credit: Splash News

To ensure she is well nourished from her vegetarian diet, Goulding consumes seven meals a day. She credits her change in diet to her improvement in skin, energy, and overall mood and appearance.

Although Goulding is an avid runner – she keeps fans updated on her races via Facebook – she knows the importance of mixing up her routine for full-body conditioning. This means going from yoga to strength exercises and then jumping to high-intensity cardio workouts such as capoeira, which is a martial art dance.

A killer playlist keeps Goulding pushing through her grueling workouts. The pop star has said she enjoys music with an orchestra feel to it.

Lastly, the biggest takeaway from Goulding’s fitness tips has to be her state of mind. Fitness isn’t just physical; it really involves a lot of mental strength, as well. Goulding enjoys laughing often and living in the moment. This positive state of mind is what really pushes her to the next level.

She has said that being unable to live in the now can prevent you from being happy and feeling alive. She suggests effectively dealing with past situations by moving on from them. Her happy-go-lucky attitude may be the biggest inspiration to her fans.

Ellie Goulding is not only a successful pop star; she is also a powerhouse in the gym. She loves to encourage her fans to be happy and fit and continues to share her workout sessions with the world as inspiration.

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