Power Rangers Star Elizabeth Banks’ Diet and Workout: Low Carb Foods, Yoga, Hiking and Swimming

Elizabeth Banks
Photo credit: Splash News

Elizabeth Banks is one funny lady. She’s starred in The Hunger Games film franchise as character Effie Trinket and her newest film, Power Rangers, comes to the big screen in March of 2017.

Banks is also a blonde bombshell – she’s fit and lean and it’s all thanks to her diet and workout secrets, which are revealed here.

The Elizabeth Banks Diet and Workout

If you’ve checked out Elizabeth Banks’ Instagram recently, you’d know that she is getting creative when it comes to her drink preferences. She posted a photo of delicious looking “California gimlets” (gin or vodka cocktails with lime juice) that were strained with avocado.

Are you wondering what this superfood is doing inside a cocktail, too? Well, judging from her caption, Banks is just as surprised by the unique twist on these drinks prepared by a friend. But that didn’t stop her from absolutely loving them and thinking about them non-stop.

You’ve got to admire this unique mixology twist – the avocado juice is pretty impressive. So, does this mean that Banks is eating healthily even during happy hour? The answer is – pretty much!

Elizabeth Banks follows a gluten-free diet and makes an effort to avoid all refined and processed foods, especially ones that are high in calories or carbohydrates. She sticks to low carb foods, fresh and whole food, and a nutrient-dense diet.

She also likes to drink plenty of water and sip on different teas. Drinking plenty of water helps to flush out toxins from the body, improve skin complexion and aid weight loss.

Banks also practices portion control when it comes to her meals. This means that she will not eat a large meal in one sitting. Instead, she will eat smaller meals, allowing for her stomach to digest a moderate amount of food versus a large meal that takes much more energy and effort to burn off.

Another one of her diet tips is keeping her home and refrigerator free of junk and processed foods, which is smart because sometimes it’s hard to fight off the temptation of a craving. Instead, she stocks up on fresh fruits and vegetables.

If you are wondering what the Elizabeth Banks workout plan is, you may be happy to know that the actress is like most of us in that she isn’t a huge fan of going to the gym.

However, she will do it to keep in shape and stay healthy. Banks has worked with personal trainer Joselynne Boschen for around five years. Together, they’d perform exercises such as plyometrics, TRX training, cardio, weight lifting and using a medicine ball.

To keep Banks motivated, the exercises were switched up every day – nothing remained the same, which fends off boredom and also ensures that all muscles are being worked on.

Banks also enjoys outdoor activities like swimming, playing tennis, hiking and walking. She also loves yoga. One thing she is not a fan of is Pilates. A bad experience will do that to you, and let’s say she didn’t have a great one on a Pilates reformer. Nonetheless, Banks tends to her fitness regularly.

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