Real Housewives Star and Founder of Skinnygirl Bethenny Frankel: Her Diet, Yoga Routine, Recipes and Lifestyle Tips

Photo Credit: Felipe Ramales / Splash News
Bethenny Frankel

Photo Credit: Felipe Ramales / Splash News

Real Housewives of New York City star Bethenny Frankel has always been naturally thin – and maybe that’s why the sexy reality TV star created her Skinnygirl lifestyle brand-turned empire. She is a natural foods chef and successful businesswoman but did you know she also follows a high-fiber diet, does yoga workouts and can offer some lifestyle and diet plan tips from her New York Times bestselling book Naturally Thin?

Bethenny Frankel ‘Naturally Thin’ Diet Plan

Bethenny Frankel’s Naturally Thin diet rules get down to business. These rules are lifestyle tips the brunette and former host of the Bethenny Frankel talk show follows to ensure she’s not just talking the talk, but also walking the walk when it comes to a ‘Skinnygirl’ lifestyle. You can find even more on her website.

Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny Frankel looks slim and stylish as she attends the grand opening of Beauty and Essex in Las Vegas. 05/14/2016. Credit: Smallpix / Splash News.

‘Bethenny’s 10 Tips for Living a Healthier Life’

According to Bethenny, Skinnygirl is a lifestyle and so much more than just a brand. She’s lived it so long that it now comes naturally to her, but here are some of her Skinnygirl rules to help us all live a healthier life.

1.Your Diet Is a Bank Account

Bethenny is a business woman if anything else – so it makes sense that her way of staying in shape is to treat her diet like a bank account. Balancing your food choices like you would balance your spending and savings means making healthy food choices every day. Don’t eat too much of one thing, or the same thing twice. Make sure there is an even amount of starch, protein and veggies, fruits and dessert. Balance a splurge with a save is her recommendation. So if you eat something naughty one day, make a better choice the next to balance it.

2.You Can Have It All, Just Not All at Once

Bethenny says that if you want to eat something with lots of sugar and fat– that’s fine – but don’t expect to continue eating that way throughout the day. Again, moderation; have a bit of that fatty, sweet food, and then eat healthy for the rest of your day.

3. Taste Everything, Eat Nothing

This rule means that you can sample and taste bits of delicious foods without over-eating. This allows you to taste a variety of goodness in bits of food and not overdo it.

4. Pay Attention

Become conscious about your food choices. If you don’t pay attention to what you’re putting into your body, it makes eating a mindless act. Being choosier about what you eat makes food something to look forward to and also helps you to eat less because you are recognizing what is a better choice for your body.

5. Downsize Now!

This means eating smaller portions. The beauty of this rule really allows you to eat anything you want, in a small portion, and for many that is freeing.

6. Cancel Your Membership in the Clean Plate Club

Leaving some of your meal on your plate is an effective way to eat less, according to Bethenny. Eating what you want to eat but leaving some means you won’t feel deprived but you’re also not being controlled by food. You decide when you’ve had enough and exercise your will.

7. Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

Don’t binge and then feel guilty. Bethenny says to be good to yourself with your food choices now. Don’t wait for tomorrow. Start right away. Waiting can often lead to more hopelessness and guilt. Just do it. If you fail, get back up and try again.

8. Know Thyself

Only you know what you like to eat and how you like to exercise, so Bethenny really encourages that as strength. You know what kind of life you prefer, so make sure that your food choices and lifestyle align with how you do things.

9. Get Real

Don’t eat fake food. Real food is recognizable right away e.g., a banana, a chicken, freshly baked bread or a head of lettuce. Real food doesn’t come in a package and doesn’t have a label; it is a whole food. Opt for those.

10. Good for You

Don’t let your negative mind get the best of you. Don’t give in or believe negative self-talk that tells you, you don’t deserve to eat healthy or that you’re not ready or can’t do it; it’s a lie. Look at food neutrally – it is not good or bad. Remember, you deserve to be healthy, strong, and thin.

Although it is not known if Frankel keeps a food diary, she does like to “balance” what she puts into her body, thinking of it like a bank investment. Here is a sample of what that might look like and you can find more on her website:

The Daily Naturally Thin Program Account Balancing Guideline Sample (Frankel says it will help you balance your account)-1 protein meal

  • 1 carb and protein meal
  • 1 carb meal
  • 1 sweet snack under 225 calories
  • 1 savory snack under 225 calories

Also recommended:

  • Unlimited vegetables!

Exception: One or two sweets throughout the day; this could include fruit, alcohol, or a few bites of something really delicious (i.e. fried food or a dessert)

Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny Frankel, 45, in a strapless bikini at the beach in Miami. 12/28/2015. Credit: Pichichi / Splash News.

Every day will be different so remember that this is a guideline to provide structure and balance to your food choices. This is not a diet, so if one day doesn’t fall within these guidelines, don’t stress. Balance, balance, balance.

Bethenny Frankel is always asked about how she stays in such great shape and the 45-year-old’s workout regimen has definitely evolved. She used to be “manic” and would do boot camp and spinning workouts, originally disliking yoga. Things have changed for Frankel and she now loves her yoga workouts, saying that they help her de-stress and feel better overall.

She created a line of Bethenny Frankel yoga video workouts and Bethenny Frankel ‘Skinnygirl’ Workouts, adding to her brand. These fitness videos can be purchased online and often feature three workouts of 15 minutes and one 25-minute workout. Frankel says many people find it hard to believe she does this minimal exercise and looks so fit, but claims, that’s the truth! Her approach to exercise is much more relaxed.

Overall, Bethenny Frankel’s philosophy on food is about moderation and balance. She doesn’t believe in obsessive dieting. Instead, she believes that changing your relationship to food is the key to success. If anyone is an expert, it’s her – she’s made a living off of her passion for a healthy lifestyle and cooking – all done the Skinnygirl way.

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