Recall Issued For Nature Foods’ Classic Crème Cookies

Recall Alert

Back to Nature Foods has initiated a voluntary recall for two lots of its 12-ounce packages of Classic Crème cookies due to allergy concerns.

Specifically, it was found that the cookies may contain milk that is not listed on the label, which is known as an undeclared allergen.

Since anyone who is allergic to milk products or has a dietary sensitivity like lactose intolerance could face a reaction if they consumed an affected product, a recall was issued.

Since the Classic Crème cookies were distributed across the country, it is possible for an affected batch to appear in any state. The affected packages can be identified since they have a unit UPC number of 19898-01103 and expiration dates of September 10, 2016 and September 16, 2016.

Undeclared allergens are one of the more common reasons for a food product recall to be issued. In most cases, the reason is due to labeling errors—a potentially inevitable consequence of mass-producing numerous varieties of the same product under one roof, all with similar-looking packaging. Milk is actually one of the most common allergens to be involved in this sort of recall, alongside wheat and soy.

There have not been any reported injuries from the affected Classic Crème lots but anyone with a milk allergy who owns a package is strongly advised to check the label to see if it has been affected by the recall. Those with milk allergies who find themselves in possession of an affected package are strongly urged to dispose of it or to return it to the place of purchase for a refund or replacement. No other products are known to be affected or are covered by this recall.

The full recall notice, including contact information for anyone who has further questions, can be found on the FDA website here.

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