Rihanna’s Diet and Workout Details Revealed By Trainer

Rihanna’s Trainer Reveals Her Diet
Photo Credit: Splash News

Rihanna is certainly not shy about showing off her body.

However, the 28-year-old Grammy Award winner allegedly doesn’t spend hours in the gym to keep her figure. According to Rihanna’s personal trainer, Jamie Granger, Rihanna stays in shape by following a balanced diet and a regular workout regimen.

What does a Rihanna-inspired workout session involve? Granger keeps Rihanna’s regular workout routine fresh and exciting and tries to mix things up. Sometimes Rihanna will hike, cycle, or paddle. Rihanna has also benefited from lunges and squats to increase her heart rate and maximize calories burned.

Other exercises include power lifting and plyometric movements to help Rihanna maintain her toned figure. A plyometric movement is considered a quick and powerful movement that begins with muscle lengthening and is followed by muscle shortening. Plyometrics are thought to increase muscular power.

A plyometric movement workout is perfect for Rihanna, who sometimes only has 20 to 25 minutes daily to workout due to her schedule. Rihanna’s trainer also believes that a balanced diet can help maximize a workout, control your mood, give you energy, and balance your hormones.

Rihanna’s Diet Plan

What is Rihanna’s diet plan? It is known to contain five small meals throughout the day. Rihanna makes sure to consume key nutrients, including protein, fats, fiber, and carbohydrates—the singer previously suggested that if she even goes three days without carbs she gets weak.
What does a daily food plan look like for Rihanna? It’s actually quite simple.

Breakfast: Egg whites, pineapple, and hot water and lemon.
Lunch: Fish and potatoes
Snacks: Low carb snack bar, salted crackers, grapes, and some nuts
Dinner: Fish, mushroom omelet, and green salad

What’s the secret to the Rihanna diet and workout plan? Variety and balance is key. Keep in mind that health is very individual, and what’s best for Rihanna may not work for you.

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