Rita Ora Flaunts Slim Figure on Instagram: Star from “Fifty Shades Darker” Follows Raw Food Diet to Stay Fit

Rita Ora Fitness Regimen
Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty

Sexy singer Rita Ora likes to flaunt her slim and toned figure on Instagram, and the Fifty Shades Darker star is looking amazing! Known for being slim yet still alluring, Ora seems to follow some pretty intense diet and exercise regimens to keep her in shape. Her dedication to a healthy lifestyle is inspiring. Here is a look at what she does to keep a slim body and glowing skin.

Rita Ora Fitness Regimen

Rita Ora is an accomplished singer/performer, actress, and America’s Next Top Model host. Whatever role she is in, her confidence shines through, and her bubbly personality is easy to like. One would think that with such a busy schedule, there is no time to stick to a healthy lifestyle. This is not the case with Ora. She actually loves to stay in good shape, and she follows a super healthy lifestyle to achieve it.

Ora maintains that when she’s treating herself and her body well—avoiding alcohol, drinking lots of water and staying hydrated, getting enough sleep, and watching her diet—she “starts feeling like a superhero.” You go, girl!

So what diet does Rita Ora follow? Well, the truth is that Ora credits her raw food diet to feeling and looking great. She has been seen on occasion eating raw kale! Considering how radiant Ora looks, it’s safe to say that the diet is working for her.

What is a raw food diet? A raw food diet is a diet that requires one to avoid eating food that is cooked over 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit). The point of eating uncooked food is that it still contains all the nutrients to keep us healthy and that one is ingesting food that still retains all of its enzymes, which greatly assists in digestion. It takes energy for our bodies to digest food, so eating raw means that because digestion is easier (more live enzymes in raw food), there is greater energy for the body to either exercise or do other fun things like an outdoor activity.

Raw food is in its natural state according to raw food chef, Ames Starr, from rawandpeace.com.au. This means they are far more nutrient-dense than processed foods, which is what most people consume regularly. When food is higher in nutrients, it means that you can eat less but still be properly nourished (which you are less likely to be when eating a giant meal of fast or fried food).

A raw food diet works by increasing your intake of minerals, vitamins, fiber, and phytochemicals or plant antioxidants. You get these from fresh uncooked fruit, veggies, and leafy green salads. Adding heat actually reduces vitamin B1, vitamin C, and folate, which are all heat-sensitive vitamins. Eating raw food as a low-calorie diet is fantastic for weight loss because it allows you to eat large volumes of nutrient-dense, healthy live food.

Although there are many pros to this diet, the truth is that some veggies actually require heat to unleash their bio-availability, like carrots (beta-carotene) and pumpkin (lycopene). Heat also helps kill bacteria, which prevents one from getting food poisoning.

The diet allows all raw foods, including raw vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, fermented foods, sashimi, nut butters, sun dried tomatoes, capsicums, cold pressed oils, nut milks, and raw cacao. Anything that’s cooked is out of the question, and this includes dairy, bread, coffee, and quinoa.

While this diet certainly does not work for everyone, it is one that works for Rita Ora. Even when following a raw food diet, one still needs to make sure they are getting enough protein and avoid too many sweeteners or nuts. Although her exact workout regimen is unknown, judging by her figure, it is safe to say that Ora goes to the gym or performs cardio exercises to keep active.


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