Roger Federer and Cosme’s Chef Enrique Olvera Prepare a Special Dinner Ahead of the U.S. Open

Photo credit: A Fraioli / Splash News
Roger Federer

Photo credit: A Fraioli / Splash News

Tennis star Roger Federer and acclaimed Cosme chef Enrique Olvera cooked an elegant dinner together before the U.S. Open 2016. Vogue editor Edward Barsamian was invited to join in on the dinner party and even do some cooking with the two men at the beautiful World of McIntosh Townhouse in New York City.

The menu Olvera planned for the pre-U.S. Open 2016 dinner party took his beverage director Yana Volfson’s ideas into account.

Guests were greeted on the roof with glasses of Impérial Brut and octopus pibil, the chef’s offering of a palette-cleansing hors d’œuvre for the party opener, which led the way for the exquisite menu that followed.

Scallop aguachile with poached jicama accented with fresh wasabi-cucumber-lime vinaigrette was on the menu, and many of us probably cannot even fathom what that might taste like, let alone look like.

But the dishes were prepared this way with great intentions because, as Olvera explains, they wanted to make dishes that had a, “symbiotic relation [with the champagne].”

At one point in the evening, Federer assisted the chef in demonstrating the best way to garnish dishes with cilantro, slice scallops, and place serrano pepper slices on a dish.

Taking care of the ingredients is incredibly important to Olvera. Barsamian notes that the dish was expertly paired with a Moët’s Rosé Imperial, which balanced out the acidity with some sweetness. This was just one course.

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The main course prepared by Federer and Olvera was spelt esquites (a type of corn salad), paired with a Grand Vintage Collection Rosé 1998, giving the pairing structure, according to Olvera, and making the other taste even better.

The final course of the evening was a chocolate zucchini cake with mint crème fraiche and cocoa nibs and Nectar Impérial Rosé, a sweet, fruit-accented champagne, to wash it down.

Although the pre-championship dinner was a success, Roger Federer was not at this year’s U.S. Open due to a few injuries, which was confirmed in July.

It is the first U.S. Open without the tennis star’s presence on the main-draw big board since 1999.

Roger Federer’s Diet Tips

A superstar tennis player must eat like one, properly planning a diet to make sure nutrient requirements are being met in order to accommodate high-energy workouts and performances.

To maintain a similar diet for fitness success as Federer, follow these tips:

  • Make sure to have evenly spaced meals throughout the day. In fact, it is better to eat five or six meals throughout the day so your body has a constant source of energy.
  • Follow a nutritious diet plan that takes into account your caloric needs. Food sources should come from fresh, wholesome foods that are minimally processed and organic, if possible. Choose lean proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables, and complex carbohydrates.
  • Make sure to get enough fiber-rich foods to improve the digestive system and help the body eliminate waste products with more ease.
  • Start the day with a wholesome, protein-rich breakfast that will provide enough fuel for the day, especially if you plan on working out later on. After workouts, have a protein shake to help with recovery.