Sarah Jessica Parker, HBO’s Sex and the City Star, Doesn’t Need Gym Workout to Stay Fit

Sarah Jessica Parker
Photo credit: Jamie McCarthy / Staff/Getty

Sarah Jessica Parker, HBO’s Sex and the City star, feels that being active isn’t just about working out. Fitness does not always come out of sweating out at the gym alone.

What your body needs is just some simple exercises and a healthy diet to stay fit. It keeps you looking young too.

Parker has managed to keep aging at bay with this simple trick. She looks young despite being in her early fifties.

The mom-of-three spilled the beans about her svelte physique on This Morning. Three kids can really keep you on your toes throughout the day, and hitting the gym after the long run is exhausting. Her twins insist on being carried at the same time.

She wonders how mothers manage to balance the work life and family life all by themselves without any support.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s Workout

Her exercise routine includes running, climbing stairs, and yoga. She adores horseback riding, swimming, weight lifting, karate, and cycling.

Only relying on exercises for weight loss and not eating healthy will not be very effective. Heading to the gym is not only the way to work out. Exercises can be as simple as a walk in the park or running with your dog.

Parker prefers accomplishing the journey of picking up her kids from school or running errands on foot. She walks everywhere she can and hops onto the bike only for long distances. Apart from this, she practices yoga to shape up her body and relax her mind.

To improve cardiovascular conditioning and strength, the exercises to do at home include running up and down the stairs, lunges, squats, push-ups, and sit-ups.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s Diet

Parker loves food and likes to eat cheese, bacon, and pasta. She discards the idea that we need to eat to live, but instead she lives to eat. Parker does indulge in her favorite foods whenever she craves them. She makes up for it with her regular fitness routine. When weight loss is on her mind, she sticks to lean meats, healthy fats, and low carbs.

Dieting, for her, does not mean starvation or a crash diet. It simply means a diet full of wholesome and nutrient-dense foods. She eats foods packed with nutrients and includes them in her daily diet regimen.

Some time back she followed the South Beach diet plan and Hamptons diet plan. The Hamptons diet plan made her swap high carb food with low carbs. It helps her maintain her blood sugar level and weight.

Her diet comprises of foods rich in monounsaturated fatty acids and omega-3 fatty acids such as avocados, olives, salmon, and fish oil.

Parker’s exercise regimen and diet is pretty simple to follow and will surely give you astonishing results.


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