Spice Girl Mel B Flashes Svelte Curves in Instagram Video: X Factor Star Credits Cardio Workout for Bikini Body

Mel B
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Mel B Instagrammed a video flashing her svelte curves in a leopard print bikini. She mentioned awhile back on Instagram that she worked really hard for her bikini body.

My jam right now In the gym in Ibiza but no pill for me hahaha the only high I got was from working out,and Ive worked soooo hard for this body trust me it didn't come easy it takes a lot of dedication control dissapline and will power cos it isn't fun been the only girl at the party not drinking and the only one waking up at the crack of dawn to workout so you still get to do the school run I say this because a few months ago I was nearly 30lbs heavier and I put myself on a mission to change,to change and be the best version of myself inside and out I'm not perfect but all I can do is try that's all we can do,but the hard work is paying of finally I feel amazing and it's only getting better so ladies if your going threw it or have been threw it give yourself a big pat on the back coz it's all you and no one NO ONE can ever take your inner strength away from you and if they think they can laugh in there face hahaha nothing more powerful than a woman on a mission to make herself better right we all need somthing to love and the first stop should be yourself better late than never #thestruggleisreal #enoughsaid #getyourownlifetogetherbeforeyoujudgemine #ifeelblessedtofeel #somtimesyougottabeabitchandspellitoutforpeople

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In the video below she is seen shaking her hips with her pals on a yacht. At 41, X Factor star is loaded with energy and looks more sizzling than girls half her age.


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Lets look what keeps her going at 41.

Mel B Diet Plan

Mel B says she has tried a lot of diets. She turned vegan and is sticking to a gluten-free diet. She also does juice cleanses. With her new diet, she ensures she eats a good amount of proteins and fresh green veggies.

She doesn’t have a fancy breakfast but loves to eat meals prepared by her husband, Stephen Belafonte. He apparently makes mouth-watering Heinz beans on toast with a bit of pepper. She says she doesn’t have any diet secrets except that she sticks to moderation. To keep herself hydrated throughout the day, she drinks three to four liters of water every day.

Her sample eating plan is as below:


  • One cup of plain oatmeal
  • Small hot vanilla soy latte with an extra shot of coffee


  • A slice of rye bread with avocado
  • Two kale wraps with mushroom, tomato, cucumber, green peppers, green onion, and balsamic vinegar.


  • Her snacks include healthy juices like Vero Greens juice from L.A. Juice.


  • She consumes a protein-rich and fibrous dinner of grilled chicken breast with hot chili spices and cauliflower, boiled and pureed with salt and pepper.

For dessert, she may have some gummy bears. Her daily calorie consumption is around 1,300 calories. Being a mother of three, she needs to be active throughout the day and her calorie consumption is low compared dietary requirements.

To increase her calorie intake, she may add few chopped Brazil nuts or chia seeds on top of her oats, or an egg on the side. Sometimes her breakfast will be rich in good protein and fat.

In the past, she succumbed to unhealthy eating and gained a lot of weight. Now she follows a healthy diet program and orders pre-packaged meals delivered to her doorstep by Freshology. The meals are calorie-controlled and follow the 30/40/30 Diet plan (a ratio of 30% carbs, 40% protein, and 30% fat).

Mel B Workout Routine

Mel B sports six-pack abs, toned arms and legs, and a flat belly. In looking at her physique, it is hard to believe that she is a mother of three. She adopted an intense workout regimen which allowed to achieve the tight figure she now has. She works out six days a week for 90 minutes with the assistance of her personal trainer. She includes cardio, strength training, interval training, martial arts (bag work, pad work, light sparring), yoga, and swimming. She focused on strengthening her core as the muscles grew weak post-pregnancy. Despite her tightly packed schedule, she manages to take time out for exercising and trains smarter. For examples, she will do 200 sit-ups or 10 reps of squats with weights while watching TV or talking on the phone.

Mel B’s favorite cardio exercise is dancing. It helps to burn calories quickly while elevating her mood when she doesn’t feel like working out.



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