“Scream Queens” Star Emma Roberts Flaunts Toned Arms in Latest Instagram Post: Julia Roberts’ Niece Loves Pilates

Emma Roberts

A healthy body will surely lead to confidence, and this is what we see in the latest Instagram post from Emma Roberts. The Scream Queens star Instagrammed a pic showing her toned arms in a striped top and blue jeans. Her dog accompanied her for the pleasant morning walk.

Good morning ??

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Evan Peters’ girlfriend is into Pilates and is confidently flaunting her toned arms. She is keen about working out just like her aunt, Julia Roberts. She looks charming and energetic as ever, thanks to her healthy lifestyle.

Emma Roberts’ Workout Routine

Even though super slim Roberts is genetically blessed with a slim and lean figure, she works out because she believes that in order to look good, one must feel good. She does a number of workouts out of which Pilates is her favorite, which she does regularly. She constantly moves around and is physically active, so she doesn’t bulk up easily. She does cardio and also lifts weights to tone her arms and body, but she is very careful about the exercises she does so that she doesn’t hurt herself.

She Instagrammed a workout video showing her doing side planks which helps tone obliques and other muscles.

Side plank Saturday ?@andreaorbeck

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Planks help strengthen the lower back muscles, upper body muscles (like the biceps and shoulders), abdominal muscles, and lower body muscles like glutes and thighs. She prefers yoga over running. She goes to Reyn Studios in New Orleans for her yoga sessions. Yoga helps her have a good sleep and relaxes her. She likes workouts that are good for the mind, keeping her anxiety-free.

Emma Roberts’ Diet Plan

Young Roberts has a high metabolism but she doesn’t take it for granted and consumes healthy foods. The secret to her lean physique is clean and organic food that stocks her body with plenty of vitamins, minerals, carbs, and fiber. She doesn’t stick to a gluten-free diet, nor does she follow any other starvation diets but likes to vary her consumption.

Her nutrient-rich diet helps her have luminous skin and hair. To avoid munching on junk food and control her appetite, she hydrates herself with lots of water which is an excellent way of flushing toxins out from her body. She reveals her other secret for that radiant skin of hers—coconut water.

She does crave pizza and sweets, and treats herself to these nutrient-deficit foods only on weekends. She loves desserts too, and enjoys eating Reese’s peanut butter cups and Swedish Fish candy.

She tells E! News, “I feel my most beautiful probably just when I am laughing and having fun with my friends and kind of not caring what I look like.”



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