Scream Queens Star Emma Roberts Eats Healthy Graze Snacks to Keep Bikini Body

Photo Credit: Pichichi / Splash News

Photo Credit: Pichichi / Splash News

Scream Queens star Emma Roberts was all smiles in a hot pink bikini just days ago, enjoying some much needed downtime from promoting her new film, Nerve.

What is the actress’s secret to her flawless bikini body? It may very well be Graze Snacks, a line of active nutrient boosters that can be added to your meals, or eaten as snacks.

Roberts snapped a shot of the product for social media, saying that she feels super healthy with her Graze Snacks. The snacks feature healthy nuts and seeds as well as dried fruits, including chopped dates, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, cranberries, almonds, and pecans. But Graze Snacks doesn’t stop there. They’ve even got popcorn, brownies, olives, cheese, cake, chocolate, peanut butter, and lots more in several combinations—their snack line is actually quite extensive!

Thankfully for the sake of her figure, Roberts admits she avoids unhealthy foods. No wonder she can rock her hot pink bikini so well!

Eating Organic Food and Avoiding Junk

The 24-year-old American actress is a popular star in Hollywood, and has been featured in movies including We’re The Millers, Aquamarine, Nancy Drew, and Valentine’s Day, and of course her current TV show, Scream Queens. Being the niece of Julia Roberts definitely helps, but she’s managed to build her own career.

At five-foot-two, Emma Roberts has always been slim and petite, however she credits this to a primarily organic diet rich in vitamins and minerals that keep her bikini body strong and in good health. Her diet is rich in fiber and she drinks lots of water, which helps to flush toxins out of her system. This may even help her have a faster metabolism and fewer cravings for junk food, though some of that can be attributed to her youth. She also helps keep her figure by enjoying her favorite foods only on weekends.

So, it seems Scream Queens actress Emma Roberts’s secret to her bikini body is delicious Graze Snacks, avoiding unhealthy foods and keeping her diet organic, as well as drinking lots of water. If you’re looking to revamp your current diet plan, this might be an easy one to try!

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