Seattle Seahawks’ Richard Sherman’s Secret Training to Compete with Miami Dolphins

Richard Sherman
Photo credit: Instagram @rsherman25

There is no doubt that Seattle Seahawks Richard Sherman is one of NFL’s best cornerbacks. Sherman is set for a tough game against the Miami Dolphins.

The Seattle Seahawks vs. Miami Dolphins match is sure to be electrifying.

The Game Changer’s Workout Secret

While some athletes like to show off that they are working incredibly hard, some have secret training sessions. Sherman likes to keep his workouts hidden from everyone else.

Sherman’s workout and training allegedly includes:

Cone Backpedal Drill

A cornerback needs to attain perfection in backpedaling and driving. This drill helps concentrate on the footwork.

The instructions for this drill are:

  • Set up four cones two to three yards apart.
  • Backpedal to the first cone. When the cone is in your peripheral vision, advance towards the first cone.
  • Repeat with each cone.

Hill Runs

Hill runs simulate the game conditions and improve your overall conditioning. It focuses on driving your arms and knees aggressively.

Instructions for hill runs are:

  • Run. Put your head down and drive up the hill.
  • Keep your ankle and leg at an angle.
  • Do not stop till you run up and down the hill 10 times.
  • Rest only after the first five runs.

Explosive Jump Drill

As an athlete, one needs to be sharp and quick. This drill focuses on mastering explosions and reaction.

Instructions for this drill:

  • Jump. Explode up on to the step.
  • React. Focus on pushing off quickly as soon as your toes hit the box.
  • Do 20 reps.

Richard Sherman’s workout principle is allegedly this:

The more you want to improve, the more you have a drive, the will to make it to this level, the more you’ll push yourself.

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