Selena Gomez’s Trainer Amy Rosoff Davis Reveals Selena’s Body Transformation Secrets, Shares Pilates and Yoga Fitness Tips

Selena Gomez
Photo Credit: Ronin 47/London Entertainment

Selena Gomez’s trainer Amy Rosoff Davis helped spur Gomez’s body transformation through Pilates and yoga—and she is full of fitness tips. The singer battles publicly with the chronic illness lupus, and Selena Gomez’s weight gain and body shaming have been well documented, but she doesn’t let all that stop her from achieving her weight loss goals.

Gomez is in great shape, so what are her secrets? And what are the Amy Rosoff Davis Pilates and yoga tips?

Selena Gomez Workout Routine and Diet

While vacationing in Mexico last April, Gomez was photographed by the paparazzi and pictures of the singer enjoying her time at the beach in her bikini were leaked. However, due to Gomez’s lupus-induced weight gain, she was the victim of tons of unnecessary body shaming. Being called “fat” is hurtful, but Gomez is resilient. She has been working with Rosoff Davis for over a year now.

Rosoff Davis looks after every aspect of the Selena Gomez workout routine and diet. The two started working together last spring, meeting three to five times per week. They then increased the number of weekly sessions to seven right before the kick-off of Gomez’s Revival tour.

Two hours of training per day, plus two rounds of 90-minute rehearsals, were sure to make a huge impact on the singer’s figure, and they did. Rosoff Davis shared with Cosmopolitan magazine some of the secrets and tips she used for Selena Gomez’s Body transformation:

  • No Weighing: Rosoff Davis says she never weighed Gomez and doesn’t think it’s healthy to be constantly standing on the scales. Instead, she goes by how her client feels and how their clothes fit.
  • No Dieting: The key here is not to deprive oneself, but instead enjoy all things in moderation. As Rosoff Davis says, “Life is too short not to enjoy food.” She also encourages healthier choices and options instead of eliminating certain foods altogether.
  • Eat Whole Foods: Instead of fast food, Rosoff Davis recommends opting for whole foods like organic fruits and vegetables. As a Texas-born woman, Gomez is known to love her Tex-Mex and fast food, but choosing healthier foods makes a big difference and her body responds well.
  • Move Your Body: When you don’t exercise, your body gets bored and that’s why Rosoff Davis recommends cardio, Pilates and lots of yoga, which is an exercise Gomez does regularly. They also do circuit training and try to mix up the exercises as much as possible to ensure all muscles are being worked.
  • Stretch Your Body: Becoming flexible helped Gomez “let go,” according to Rosoff Davis, and she stresses its importance.
  • Drink Lots of Water: Rosoff Davis is a water fanatic and she is always encouraging Gomez to drink more water and stay hydrated.
  • Maintain a Healthy Body Image: Feeling good is the key to being confident in yourself, and Gomez learned this firsthand from Rosoff Davis!
  • Nourish Body, Mind, and Soul: Rosoff Davis has helped Gomez get in greater touch with things that feed her emotionally and spiritually. When traveling for a tour, they make it a point to find a special hiking area where they can take in nature without technology or other people. Getting in touch with nature and simple things really helps people to connect with themselves more deeply and feel better overall!

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