Sexiest Man Alive, Dwayne Johnson, Hits Gym Right after Turkey Day as “Moana” Rocks on Thanksgiving Weekend

Dwayne Johnson
Photo Credit: Aaron Davidson / Stringer / Getty

The Sexiest Man Alive, Dwayne Johnson, has hit the gym soon after turkey day! In a video and pic he shared on Instagram he says he loves his fans for making Moana one of the biggest Thanksgiving movie releases of all time.

What does the Sexiest Man Alive eat to look sexy? As reported by People, a pie. Really? While it may seem untrue, it is not! Here is the evidence. He Instagrammed a pic revealing his Thanksgiving dinner alongside the People cover featuring him as the Sexiest Man Alive.

He then shared a pic of training equipment and captioned it, “Missed you, you ol’ junkyard dog. Let’s clang & bang #IronParadise #PostTurkeyDayTraining #OurVersionOfBlackFriday.”

Talking about his training routine, his trainer, Dave Rienzi, says Johnson works so hard that sometimes it’s difficult to keep him away from the gym. He works out rigorously for 45 to 60 minutes each day. He does one set of 12 reps, one set of 10 reps, and a set of eight reps for each exercise. He rests for 90 seconds between each set and then gradually increases the weights.

His workout routine is as follows:

On Mondays, he works on back and abs. He starts with a warm-up that includes two sets of 20 reps of internal and external rotations on a cable machine. For the back he does reverse grip pull-downs, cable rows, barbell shrugs, pull-ups, one-arm dumbbell rows, and stiff arm pullovers with a rope. For his abs, he does three sets of 20 reps of rope crunches and hyperextensions.

On Tuesdays, he concentrates on his chest and calves by performing incline dumbbell presses, cable crossovers (3 x 20 reps, high to low), cable crossovers (3 x 20 reps, low to high), flat dumbbell presses, and incline flyes.  For his calves, he does three sets of 50 reps each of standing calf raises, leg press calf raises, and single leg standing calf raises with dumbbells.

On Wednesdays, he focuses on his legs and abs. His warm-up for Wednesdays include hip flexor stretches, foam rolling, glute bridges, and leg swings and kicks. His legs workout includes leg extensions (3 x 20 reps), single leg presses (3 x 20 reps), Romanian deadlifts (3 x 12 reps), dumbbell lunges (3 x 20 reps), leg presses (3 x 50 reps), and lying leg curls (3 x 15 reps). For his abs, he does side planks (three reps with a hold of 60 minutes).

On Thursday’s he focuses on his shoulders. His warm-up includes two sets of 20 reps of internal and external rotations on a cable machine. His shoulder workouts include seated lateral raises (five sets), cable side lateral raises (no rest between sets), dumbbell shoulder presses, and side lateral raise super sets.

On Fridays, he works out his arms and includes barbell curls, preacher curls, single arm overhead triceps extensions, rope push-down super set with leaning rope extensions, close grip cable curls, and V-bar push-downs.

He rests on the weekends.

While one may wonder how does he even takes out time for workouts, undoubtedly he is hardest working man in Hollywood. He can surely get you pumped up for the gym.


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