Sin City Actress Jessica Alba Credits Toned Body to Yoga and Diet

Photo Credit: Splash News
Jessica Alba

Photo Credit: Splash News

Sin City actress Jessica Alba has always had an incredibly slender and sculpted body—even after giving birth to two daughters: Honor, 8, and Haven, 5.

Recently, Alba was seen at a kids’ party drinking juice. Healthy habits, such as drinking juice, are important to the 35-year-old.

Alba, who co-founded the eco-friendly non-toxic household product company called “The Honest Company” in 2012, credits her sculpted abs and bombshell figure to a yoga workout.

Hot power flow yoga is her favorite fitness routine.

“[With] good fast paced dance music [and]… a little of everything. It’s my new jam!” explained Jessica Alba.


Jessica Alba’s Diet Plan: Healthy Eating is a Huge Part

In the past, Alba has worked with dance instructor Jennifer ‘JJ Dancer’ Johnson. Johnson helped choreograph Alba’s dance sequences in the Sin City sequel: Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. The pair spent two to five hours daily training for the role. For people who are unable train for hours each day, some form of daily exercise and healthy eating is key.

According to Johnson, the key to a great body is eating right so you don’t kill yourself to look good (for lack of a better term). Johnson suggests that Alba, for example, is motivated nutritionally, and eats a balanced diet of salads and proteins.

Alba’s healthy eating diet emphasizes proper nutrition and foods like green smoothies, apples, blueberries, ginger, celery, kale, cucumber, and spinach. Alba also follows a specific food chart from personal trainer Ramona Braganza. As a result, the diet includes high-fiber foods, complex carbs, and lean protein sources like fish, tuna, meat, and grilled chicken. At the same time she also avoids foods like sugar and white flour.

When Alba is not in the yoga studio she can be found practicing strength training, core workouts, and cardio workouts. The Sin City star’s workout routine varies from five to six days each week, and she spends at least one hour working out.

Do you want a healthy body like Jessica Alba? Then try yoga, healthy eating and a balanced diet. This honest approach to health will surely give you a boost of confidence to lead a healthy lifestyle.

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