Singer Kelly Clarkson Looks Fit While Dancing with Daughter to Salt-N-Pepa for Diabetes Awareness

Kelly Clarkson
Photo credit: Isaac Brekken / Stringer /Getty

Kelly Clarkson looks incredibly fit while dancing with her cute 2-year-old daughter, River Rose. Clarkson’s Twitter followers were treated to an adorable video of the mother-daughter duo shaking a leg to Salt-N-Pepa for diabetes awareness this past Tuesday.

The first American Idol has faced heavy criticism for her weight gain in recent years, but the singer is known to maintain a balanced diet and regular workout routine.

Kelly Clarkson Workout Routine

Each one of us follows different ways to be in shape. According to Kelly Clarkson, the best way to avoid weight gain is to be engaged in work. Some time back when she was free of work commitments, she says she packed on pounds and became lazy and inactive.

She spends one to two hours in the gym and takes strength training such as weight lifting. Apart from making you stronger and fitter, it protects the bone health and muscle mass. The workout also gives you nicely toned muscles and improves posture.

Hiking and playing golf are her favorite workouts which keep her refreshed. Yoga is equally beneficial, but the singer reportedly doesn’t incorporate it into her workout regimen. She does encourage her fans to do yoga to have a flexible body, maintain good posture and balance, and get glowing skin.

Clarkson’s Weight-Loss Workout

Clarkson’s trainer, Nora James, designed the following workout with the singer in mind. Do each exercise without resting in between:

Ball Push-up: Take a push-up position and roll a medicine ball underneath one hand and rest the other hand on the floor. Lower down into a push-up, but do not tilt your shoulders. Go back to the starting position and roll the ball in the other hand.

Jump Squats: Stand straight and bend your knees slightly, keeping your back straight. Lower to a squat and immediately jump upwards. Come back to your original position and repeat the squat.

Boxing Cardio Burst: Box for three minutes straight and do a total of three to five sets.

Squats with Jumping Jacks: Get in a jumping jack position with arms above your head, keeping your legs together. Jump in the squat position while bringing your arms to your sides. Your weight will be concentrated on your heels. Jump back to the starting position and complete 25 reps.

Kelly Clarkson’s Diet Plan

As soon as Clarkson starts gaining weight, her conscience pricks her and she sticks to a balanced diet. Her diet includes a lot of fruits, veggies, and proteins from sources like chicken, eggs, fish, and lean meat. She maintains a balance of carbs, protein, and healthy fats in her diet regime in proportionate amounts.

Diet alone is not the key to a healthy body. It must be accompanied with workouts and a healthy lifestyle. Eating late at night must be avoided, as the calories get converted to fats. She makes sure she eats small amounts of her favorite foods because getting back the svelte figure is not easy.

Here are some health tips that may help you shed pounds like Clarkson: Set a small realistic goal which will keep you motivated throughout your journey. She dropped 18 pounds in 2013 because she wished to be the most gorgeous bride.

Be happy: When you yourself are happy it will reflect in your body. You will be full of confidence and energy. Implant some healthy habits like hitting the bed early and getting up early.


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