Stephen Curry Prepares Steak from Wife Ayesha Curry’s New Cookbook, ‘The Seasoned Life’

Photo Credit: Splash News
Stephen Curry, Ayesha Curry

Photo Credit: Splash News

Fans of Ayesha Curry’s Instagram page were treated to a pleasant surprise just a few days ago – it was none other than Stephen Curry making steaks for his wife Ayesha Curry – and he looks pretty focused:

Curry’s first and highly anticipated cookbook entitled The Seasoned Life is set to be released Sept. 20, but until then let’s take a look at some of Ayesha Curry’s favorite foods.

Ayesha Curry’s Favorite Foods

Keeping her family healthy and nourished is one of Ayesha Curry’s life goals, and do you blame the woman? She’s got two of the cutest little kids, Riley and Ryan, not to mention her NBA star hubby Stephen Curry. So, what does Ayesha Curry prepare as a daily meal plan for herself as well as her family?

Well, for starters, Curry likes to feed her family nutritious breakfasts. When they are all set and ready to go, Curry will usually consume whatever is left over, which is often the remnants of a healthy, Vitamix-blended smoothie. Sometimes Curry will also eat avocado on toast or a fried egg on multigrain bread with some Vegenaise spread, sharp cheddar and some chilli flakes and Tabasco to spice it up. She also creates her own kind of dairy-free coffee, blending grass-fed butter or coconut oil with black coffee and the result is frothy goodness.

When it comes to lunch or dinner, Curry will prepare several meals at a time during the hectic playoff season. She packs each dish into a Tupperware container, featuring a lean protein, healthy starch and vegetable. An example of this combination might be some grilled chicken, quinoa, sweet potato and a veggie.

Healthy additions to her meals include extra dustings of the anti-inflammatory spice turmeric on her chicken, and ground flaxseed coatings for the kids’ chicken tenders. Another healthy lunch option is the prepare-your-own-sandwich method, in which Curry will lay out an array of deli meats, cheeses and toppings for her family to choose from. She also likes to prepare tasty bagged salads with grilled chicken or sometimes shrimp on top.

One of Ayesha Curry’s favorite foods is brown sugar! Although it’s not exactly a food, Curry loves to put brown sugar on bacon and even in her pasta sauces because she says it illuminates all the flavors. She also loves one-pot meals because of their convenience.

Some examples might include baked fish with potatoes or rice and some veggies, and she likes to marinade fish like salmon and sea bass with a secret three-ingredient recipe – apricot marmalade, soy sauce, ginger or garlic. Judging by her culinary preferences, it sounds like the new cookbook is going to be jam-packed with flavor!

One of her favorite desserts – which is a hit with her guests – is bananas foster.

Although the exact Ayesha Curry fitness and workout routine is unknown, Curry has done “Fitness Fridays” in the past and shared tips on her website, giving tips to readers about drinking enough water, getting enough sleep and taking vitamins.

She also appeared in some workout videos, which are featured on her YouTube channel, Little Lights of Mine. Curry can be seen doing abs crunches, planks, and squats. If you’d like to see more of Ayesha Curry, check it out!

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