Super Fit Andrew Garfield Wins Best Actor Award for Hacksaw Ridge Action Movie at Critics’ Choice Awards

Andrew Garfield
Credit: Christopher Polk / Staff/ Getty

Let the awards season begin. Andrew Garfield won best actor in an action movie at the Critics’ Choice Awards 2016 event for his role as World War II American Army Medic Desmond T. Doss in Hacksaw Ridge.

The Mel Gibson-directed film also won best action movie, beating out Deadpool, Doctor Strange, Captain America: Civil War, and Jason Bourne.

The 33-year-old Garfield looked handsome at the 22nd Critics’ Choice Awards in Los Angeles, California on Sunday, Dec. 11. He wore a navy suit while hitting the awards ceremony solo. Garfield was also nominated for the best actor award; however, the award went to Casey Affleck for his role in Manchester by the Sea.

Garfield has walked his fair share of red carpets at award ceremonies. For instance, Garfield was nominated for several awards for the action superhero role of Spider-Man in The Amazing Spider-Man and The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Garfield is also known for his roles in Never Let Me Go (2010) and The Social Network (2010). Although he is naturally blessed with a lean body, the English actor was required to bulk up for his role as Spider-Man. What makes Garfield perfect for roles in action movies like The Amazing Spider-Man and Hacksaw Ridge? Let’s take a brief look at Garfield’s intense workout routine and the healthy diet that goes with it.

How Did Andrew Garfield Get in Shape?

Garfield keeps in shape with a wide variety of workouts that include weight training, Pilates, and plyometrics. Pilates and plyometrics help improve his flexibility and core strength. Plyometrics is a form of high-intensity workout that targets every muscle of the body.

Garfield worked out under the guidance of personal trainer Armando Alarcon to play Spider-Man, and each exercise session lasted a minimum of 45 minutes. Garfield’s rest days usually include Saturday and Sunday. The actor always starts slow with his workout routine and then gradually increases the intensity of the exercise. He also leaves plenty of time to rest in between sets. The following is Garfield’s weekly exercise routine.

Monday, Upper-Body Strength Training: Garfield’s first day of training includes two to three sets of dumbbell chest presses (eight to 10 reps), two to three sets of standing dumbbell bicep curls (eight to 10 reps ), two to three sets of pectoral flies with dumbbells (eight to 10 reps), two to three sets of cable lateral pull downs (eight to 10 reps), two to three sets of lateral dumbbell shoulder raises (eight to 10 reps), and two to three sets of triceps dips on the bench press (eight to 10 reps).

Tuesday, High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT): After an eight- to 10-minute treadmill jogging session, Garfield performs a 30-second sprint and 30-second quick-pace jog on the treadmill, and also five to seven minutes of a relaxed jog.

Wednesday, Strength Training Lower Body: Garfield’s strength-training routine includes three to four sets of machine leg presses (10 reps), three to four sets of machine leg extensions (10 reps), three to four sets of machine leg curls (10 reps), three to four sets of dumbbell lunges (10 to 12 reps), and three to four sets of standing calf raises with dumbbells (eight to 10 reps).

Thursday, Strength Training Core: Four to five sets of lunge abs twists (eight reps), four to five sets of back extensions on the stability ball (eight reps), four to five sets of ab crunches with toe touches (six reps), four to five sets of ab crunches on the stability ball (six to eight reps), and three to four sets of ab crunches with legs on the stability ball (six to eight reps).

Friday, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT): Garfield’s last workout of the week includes a repeat of Tuesday’s HIIT workout with different variations of jogging on the treadmill.

Andrew Garfield’s Diet and Healthy Lifestyle

How does Garfield complement his workout routine with a diet fit for a superhero? For breakfast, Garfield combines carbs like oatmeal with protein. For lunch, he consumes a balanced meal of veggies and lean protein sources like fish, eggs, chicken, or beef. Dinner sometimes includes Garfield’s favorite dinner, Korean beef bulgogi. Overall, Garfield’s diet is full of nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables.

Want to be an action star like Andrew Garfield? The best place to start is a healthy diet and regular workout routine. You can next see Garfield as Jesuit priest Father Sebastiao Rodrigues in the drama Silence, which will hit theaters Dec. 23.


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